A View from the TopLine

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Productivity Tips

If you’re new to using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, here are a couple of my favorite time-saving short cuts which will help increase your productivity.  When using CRM from your web browser, you can access a shortcut menu from each heading in the navigation section — hover and then click on the arrow to open the view.

Cloud Storage – SkyDrive

You may have heard the term cloud storage, but do you know what it means? Cloud storage is a service which allows you to store your documents and files on a network of servers maintained by a trusted third party.

If you are not currently using a cloud storage service, you should consider adding one.

New Year, New CRM Resolutions

It’s a new year and for many of us that means resolutions.  I'm sure if you are anything like me there are some resolutions left over from last year . . . marathon anyone?  Many businesses have goals or resolutions which they map out at the beginning of the year, but never complete due to daily road blocks and distractions.

Formula for Success in CRM

The acronym for customer relationship management, CRM, was first introduced in early 2000 as a replacement for the now-outdated term sales force automation (SFA).  CRM was immortalized in the popular lexicon when Microsoft CRM came to market in 2003.  For those of us in attendance at the 2003 industry tradeshow where Microsoft CRM 1.0 was launched, one thing became clear:  Microsoft’s entry to the CRM field was going to make this young industry better understood in the marketplace.