A View from the TopLine

TopLine Designer v3.1

We are pleased to announce TopLine Designer 3.1.  There are a few new items to point out right now including a new administrative UI and lots of bug fixes.  Under the Tools menu you will now see additional options to Define Custom Tables and Design Custom Table Screens.

TopLine Designer v3.0

TopLine Designer v3.0 has been released! 

What's new?  We've added ACT! for Web integration and we've listened to what people have been asking for and added a few new features!  TopLine Designer v3 will be available on our website within the next few days so check often!


Use Date Offsets in TopLine Dash

Have you ever wanted to have a report that always showed a relative date?  Sure, there are pre-built dates that allow you to do this like Next Week, Start of Week, Start of Year, etc...  But what if you don't see what you need in these options?  TopLine Dash allows you to add or subtract any number of days from any of these relative dates.

TopLine Designer Import Schema Resource Issue

There appears to be a hickup when you try to create a large number of new tables and fields really fast.  TopLine Designer does this when it imports an entire custom table schema.  The problem is that ACT! tries to refresh itself after every field is created but after awhile it runs out of resources and starts giving errors because it can't refresh anymore.

TopLine Designer for Web Progress

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting TopLine Designer for ACT! for Web, I would like you to know that we are not far off from our first release.  Here is an example of what things are looking like right now.

Keep checking back for more information!

TopLine Designer v2.1.2

A new release of TopLine Designer has been released for download.

What's new? 2.1.2

9-22-2008 - Fixed mail merge so that it uses the template's margin settings.

9-11-2008 - Updated list to show number and currency correctly in international regions.

Invalid processor state. Processor not currently in a transaction.

There is a bug in ACT! that is exposed by addon products that attempt to delete custom table records in Non-US regions.  The problem is with how Windows displays dates.  Everything works fine when a computer is set up to use a US style date format (MM/DD/YYYY).  However, if Windows is set to display dates in a non-US format (DD/MM/YYYY), then you get an error when you try to delete a record.

Import and Export your schema to another database

Have you ever wanted to add tables and fields in a development or test database and then apply those changes to a production database once everything was finalized?  TopLine Designer allows you to quickly and easily do just that.  Simply open the TopLine Designer Manager and right on the Home screen, click on the Export Schema option to take your current schema and export it to a file.