Traction and Finding your Number

Is getting ready for an L10 meeting with all the right data a challenge? If so, CRM, digital marketing automation, and Power BI can help!

• For sales leaders: Use CRM metrics to automate your pipeline reports, track your activities and report on your closed deals!
• For marketing leaders: Use CRM and digital marketing automation to measure your new and qualified leads as well as quantify your marketing ROI!
• For customer service: Use CRM and Power BI to measure time to resolve service requests and report on customer satisfaction surveys.
• For operations leaders: Use CRM and Power BI to report on productivity goals by measuring project phases against timeline and resource targets.
• For finance leaders: Use Power BI to consolidate information from multiple sources for “one stop shopping”.
• For all business leaders: Give your team a simple set of reporting tools, so they can focus on doing their job vs. measuring their effectiveness.

Using Traction and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) should not be difficult – especially when it comes to reporting on key numbers. Join Melanie Varin, Owner/COO, and Michael Olson, Software Application Engineer, as they discuss how CRM and/or your digital marketing platforms can help you measure and report on the “numbers” your leaders are tracking. They will touch on the principles of Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and how technology can give you quick visibility to key performance indicators (KPIs) and help you support your most important business objectives.

Tuesday, January 18 2022
      10 am CST


Meet the Nerds

We love technology and don’t care who knows it. We are data geeks who spend our
nights reading about the latetst innovations to share with you!


Fred Varin


Melanie Varin


Doreen Bridges


Dan Boehm


Jackie Brajner


Tom Duwe


Jennifer Scheidegger


Cyrus Schackel

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