Why Work with a Technology Consultant?

Choosing to let someone into the inner workings of your business is not an easy decision. It often results in many discussions and differing opinions. You have to compare the pros and cons of a technology consultant against taking on the project in-house, which can lead you down the road of needing to further discuss who will take the lead on the project, the budget, timeline, scope of work, and so much more.

Tips for Making Updates to Your CRM Data

In your CRM, there are times you will need to change/update data. Today, we’ll discuss a few options to help you make quick updates in Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, keeping in mind that most CRM systems have similar features.

Editing within a list view (Editable Grid)

From the menu, choose the ellipsis and select Show As > Editable Grid.

How CRM, Marketing Automation, and Business Analytics can Boost your Customer Experience and Bottom Line

Many businesses have some level of understanding regarding the relationship between a positive customer experience and a successful organization. How different businesses measure, record, and track customer experiences can vary widely. From direct feedback stored in a database or Excel spreadsheet to automated emails and surveys, everyone seems to have their own method.

Teams Chat in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is quickly becoming the integrated system that many businesses have been wanting for years. If you use Microsoft Dynamics for your CRM and Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, then here’s a new feature that will really help your productivity.