Digital Strategies for Replacing Event-based Lead Sources: #1. Email Automation Campaigns

Does your organization usually depend on in-person networking, tradeshows or other face-to-face meetings as primary sources of new leads and prospects?

If so, current events have undoubtedly created an area of concern for your organization. How will your organization continue to develop a healthy sales pipeline now that you are unable to participate in these types of events for the foreseeable future? Identifying and nurturing leads is more important than ever given the financial and economic uncertainty we face.

TopLine Is SOC Certified Yet Again!

With many businesses shifting to remote work, you are likely wondering about the security and safety of your software applications and data. TopLine Results completed the SOC 2 Type 1 audit this past month and has been compliant since 2013. The SOC 2 Type 1 audit provides independent reporting and assurance about controls at a service organization relevant to security, availability and confidentiality.

Validate your Email Address List

TopLine Results specializes in the digital marketing field. One of the most effective methods of reaching your prospect and customer base is to use the power of email marketing. Over the years, we have learned that the largest barrier to successful email marketing is a lack of good data, specifically a lack of good email addresses.

TopLine Results’ Business Continuity Plan for Coronavirus

Wherever you turn, there’s news about COVID-19 and what is being done to prevent its spread. Here is a message our President, Fred Varin, recently shared about the measures TopLine Results is taking to address concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic.

We know that not all businesses work well remotely, so we are ready to help our client’s transition during this difficult time.

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It is pretty common during the flow of a regular business transaction to want some sort of automation to happen – change a field, create a task, update a status, send an email, etc.  Workflows have been the traditional way to automate individual or multiple steps.

Fred Varin attends VetsNet Roundtable

VetsNet Roundtable

TopLine Results doesn't just say they support U.S. veterans, but hires them as well. Our marketing consultant, Madison Knabe, is part of the Wisconsin Air National Guard. As part of our goal to give back to a community that secures our freedom on a day to day basis, Fred, TopLine's President, attended VetsNet Executive Roundtable.

Video Techniques

Recently I hosted my Pizza and Pop event all about video. We covered why you should use video, many different types, and some hot tips and tricks to shooting your own videos. Oh and of course, we all had pizza! Now that the event is behind us, I want to follow up with some additional video techniques.