Tips for Email Marketing

Many businesses, large and small, employ email marketing as part of their marketing strategy and as a key way to communicate with existing or prospective customers.  Whether you use Swiftpage emarketing for Act!, Constant Contact or another email marketing program, the following tips will help you build a successful email marketing presence for your organization.



If one font is good, then two fonts are better…right?  And how about six fonts?  Wrong!  Keep your audience in mind when composing your email.  People are very busy and have a limited attention span.  They may only look at your email for a few seconds.  Keep your message clear with a simple, easy-to-read font, so they do not have to expend any of those precious few seconds just trying to read your email.  Choose a classic, readable font such as Arial and make that your go-to font for all of your email templates.  You can choose ONE other font to use as heading or accent…but only one.  And, keep it consistent with every single email.



Do you love color? Me too, but with email marketing, you have to reign in your color tendencies.  Choose colors that are easy-to-view on a monitor and smart phone, especially font colors. Choose colors that coordinate with your corporate logo and image.  Most of all, choose colors judiciously — only three plus black in an email.  And, stick with the scheme.  You can have additional colors in photos, but for your logos, text and background, go with no more than three colors.


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