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File Storage Options in Zoho CRM

One of CRM’s major benefits is the ability to store and quickly display all the relevant information related to a Contact, Account, Opportunity, or any other record in your system. One key part of this functionality is how attachments and auxiliary files can be stored, viewed, updated, and managed.

How Technology Consultants Can Save you Money in Uncertain Economic times

Consultants can often be viewed as a luxury, especially in economic slowdowns. It can be a quick decision to trim expenses for organizations who are looking for an easy area for savings. While this may be a common sentiment, it overlooks many of the ways that keeping your consultant can be a money saver, a time saver, and a means for extra overhead flexibility.

Automation Options for Dynamics 365

Modern CRM and database systems must include the ability to automate tasks. Sometimes we need something simple, such as automatically marking an account as a customer after winning an opportunity. Other times we need more complex automations such as having the ability to interface with external systems.

Video Tips for Social Media

Video is taking over social media!  Or better yet, it’s probably more accurate to say it already has! While videos have always been part of marketing, the type of video that is currently making waves in the marketing world is different than it’s been in the past.

Act! Cloud Outlook Integration Not Working?

The Act! Cloud Outlook integration is a very useful tool. It allows you to track your emails from Outlook directly into Act! with just a click of a button. However, the integration doesn't always work. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Below are a couple of common problems and the solutions for a broken Act! Cloud Outlook integration.

CRM: Your #1 Tool for RevOps

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is your #1 tool for Revenue Operations. RevOps is the alignment of all revenue-generating teams (sales, marketing, and customer service). I describe RevOps in my previous blog – Revenue Operations: A Growth Driver.

8 Helpful Tips for Importing Data from Act! To HubSpot

Let's face it, importing to HubSpot can be complicated in many ways but it does not have to be. When it comes to importing your data from ACT! into HubSpot, the process is pretty straightforward. Nonetheless, when importing millions of precious accounts, contacts, and leads, it is best to make sure you have a reliable and safe way to do so.

We Love It When Its Free!

At TopLine Results we love to share information we come across that we feel can be useful to our current and potential customers. Giving back is part of our DNA. With that in mind, when I stumbled on a site that listed where to get free stock photos, I was inspired to share this information and more! After all, who doesn’t love getting something for free 😊

Whether it’s for blogging, social media, literature, etc.

ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics Case and Survey Automation: Creating Delight with Imaginative Solutions

Recently, I was presented with a development request from a client that I enjoyed solving for a couple of reasons. First, it allowed me to lean into a key tenant of TopLine’s guiding vision, which is delivering imaginative solutions. At TopLine, we pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned when identifying technical solutions to our client’s CRM and digital marketing needs.