A Guide for New Users Navigating ClickDimensions Academy

A Guide for New Users Navigating ClickDimensions Academy

Navigating the world of a new digital marketing tool can be daunting. However, as a new user of ClickDimensions, this was not the case. Whether you are a new customer or partner, ClickDimensions provides a free tool called ClickDimensions Academy to help make using and understanding this resource more manageable. This self-guided eLearning portal offers unlimited access to a wide range of training resources to help users understand and maximize their marketing efforts within the platform. There are a variety of comprehensive training modules and courses to help you acquire any skill or certification or stay up to date on the platform. Whether you have a lot, some, or no knowledge of ClickDimensions and its features, the academy offers something for everyone.

What is ClickDimensions Academy like?

ClickDimensions Academy provides an array of learning paths covering all the digital marketing features possible within ClickDimensions. Learning paths consist of several concise modules, with most ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. When you log into the academy, you will see two views in the top left corner: dashboard and catalog. Under dashboards, you will find your enrolled courses, where you can easily pick up where you left off. Under the catalog tab is the entire library of course offerings to find classes that suit your goals. If you are still trying to figure out where to start, you will see a box to filter the catalog by category on the left side of the screen. This dropdown groups together recommended courses depending on the type of ClickDimensions skills you want, whether you are just getting started, a beginner, advanced, interested in new product releases, or exploring sales tools.

How to Decide Which Courses to Take

When you first log into the portal, the extensive list of courses may be overwhelming. To start, it’s important to identify your marketing goals, responsibilities, and the skills you aim to gain.

Here are some learning paths I recommend and what you will learn:

  • Getting Started - 4 Core Features: Helps users learn the basics of campaign automation, email marketing, list management, and data collecting through web forms.
  • ClickDimensions 101: Reviews all foundational features of ClickDimensions to give users a great starting point for using the platform.
  • ClickDimensions 102: Covers more advanced functionality of ClickDimensions email marketing and web forms.
  • Sales Tools: Offers several courses on buyer journeys, sales engagement, sales processes, and more.

Staying Up to Date on ClickDimensions Product Releases

Staying up to date with ClickDimensions product releases is one of the best ways to ensure your marketing strategies remain relevant. The academy provides a “Product Courses Released in the Last 6 Months” category, giving you access to direct insights of the newest tools and updated features. This category is an excellent resource to reference occasionally to brush up on your strategy. Here, you can easily find product release modules to ensure you utilize ClickDimensions to its full potential.

ClickDimensions Academy is an excellent resource because of its comprehensive training modules, live demos, and certification opportunities. We encourage all users to dive into the academy to stay up to date on new marketing tools and strategies. If you are looking to get started with ClickDimensions, email us at info@toplineresults.com or call us at 880-800-1960.

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