Whether you want to unify your business, close more sales or elevate your social presence to generate more leads, TopLine Results’ CRM and digital marketing solutions can produce the results you need to grow your business. Discover how we’ve helped these valued clients succeed.



Our team has over 100 combined years of CRM, digital marketing, process consulting, and business analytics experience.



Oberlin Filter Company needed a solution for their growing business needs after opening a new building. TopLine Results helped bring all their sales agents into one system and then brought their marketing team into that same system.

Heartland Dental worked with TopLine Results to transition from a Contact Management System to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in TopLine Results’ hosting environment.

Mark Wiesman and Chris De Villers from Lauber Business Partners share their thoughts on the collaborative relationship working with TopLine Results where we helped automate their sales processes by transitioning them to Zoho CRM and customized it to meet their business needs.

TopLine Results worked with Aries Industries to select the right CRM for their organization's needs. TopLine built Aries a customized Zoho CRM to help them not only gather data but analyze it to make effective business decisions and improvements.

Judy Mindin from ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) talks about her experience working with TopLine Results,
and the relationship that has been formed to help drive the passion behind ABCD's wonderful work!


with our custom CRM and digital marketing solutions

Aries Industries would absolutely recommend TopLine due to their partnership of working with us and focus on customer experience and goals of our customers. They took the time to get to know our needs. We found them easy to work with, and they were willing to train us on how to maximize the benefits of Zoho CRM for our company.

Larry Brown, President & CEO

Working with Topline is a great experience. The team is very responsive and great at proactively thinking about our marketing needs. I know that when I reach out with a question they will get back to me with a timely response. The team checks in with me frequently to ensure I have access to the tools I need and that I know how to use them. When we chat they are fun and genuinely interested in my experience with the tools they provide, as well as, keeping me informed of new technology.

Amanda Parkinson, AVP Marketing

TopLine Marketing has done an amazing job of helping us migrate our data from ACT, and customizing a simple yet powerful Zoho CRM. We continue to add functionality such as social media management, text messaging management and digital signing. TopLine has assisted us with all of this.

Will Greene, Owner

Our TopLine Results consultant was like an excellent referee in the World Cup. She continually moved us toward our objective without becoming a highlight of the match. She is a wonderful facilitator.

Ed Kennedy, Former VP of Sales

I am very pleased with the attention to our organization’s needs. The team we work with are knowledgeable and responsive. The final results are always fantastic.

Eric DeGroot, Foundation Director

When I became a CRM Admin, TopLine Results provided a lot of assistance. You’ve been there whenever we’ve needed you.

Taylor Correa, CRM Admin

TopLine delivered exactly what they said they would and in the exact timeframe they said they would. That to me is a great partner. Inevitably when you get into an implementation, there are going to be things that are different than you thought they would be, but TopLine handled everything remarkably well.

Mark Wiesman, Owner & CEO

TopLine during the discovery process really learned about our business and they were able to set up the platform so that it worked for Lauber. In addition, since the project is over, we do keep them on a retainer, and if there’s something that I need done that I am not able to do, I can reach out to them and within a day, it’s done.

Chris De Villers, Marketing & Operations Manager

Since starting to work with TopLine over a year ago, the tech and marketing teams have helped us optimize our workflow between doctors and providers. TopLine made it easy to realize the potential of these resources and was there every step of the way to help us reach and exceed our goals. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the tech and marketing teams at TopLine, because we see them as a valuable resource toward our continued growth.

Charlie Suska, Director of Business Development

TopLine migration and support make Zoho rock.

Jose Arriaga, Regional Director

Topline took us from the dark ages into the 21st century with CRM and email marketing.

Chris Erato, Sales Manager

TopLine Results helped our small sales rep firm create a customized Zoho CRM platform. Melanie and Cyrus were attentive, responsive, and worked diligently to complete our project.

Jane White, Vice President

“TopLine Results impressed us with their knowledge, but specifically with their people.”