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Invalid processor state. Processor not currently in a transaction.

There is a bug in ACT! that is exposed by addon products that attempt to delete custom table records in Non-US regions.  The problem is with how Windows displays dates.  Everything works fine when a computer is set up to use a US style date format (MM/DD/YYYY).  However, if Windows is set to display dates in a non-US format (DD/MM/YYYY), then you get an error when you try to delete a record.

Import and Export your schema to another database

Have you ever wanted to add tables and fields in a development or test database and then apply those changes to a production database once everything was finalized?  TopLine Designer allows you to quickly and easily do just that.  Simply open the TopLine Designer Manager and right on the Home screen, click on the Export Schema option to take your current schema and export it to a file.

TopLine Dash – Tips and Tricks

Did you know that you can quickly rearrange columns in TopLine Dash?  Just click on a column header and hold the left mouse button down.  Drag the column to it's new position and let go!

You can also Delete, Rename, or make a dashboard Readonly by right clicking on the dashboard button at the bottom of the screen!

 In the lower left corner of the dashboard, you'll see a button called New.


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