A View from the TopLine

TopLine Dash on YouTube


View an overview of TopLine Dash on YouTube!  If you have suggestions for additional videos, please send your submissions to danb@toplineresults.com.

TopLine Designer 5.5

As always, we have introduced some updates to our addons to go along with the new version of ACT!.  The good news is that it's all compatible with previous version of ACT! as well! 

Unlike previous updates to TopLine Designer, you will want to make sure that if a single user updates to version 5.5 or higher that all of your users update.

TopLine Designer 4.5.2 Released

Many bug fixes and two exciting new features mark the newest release of TopLine Designer.  The two new features are bolded below.

Added new feature to allow default columns to be set. See Tools->TopLine Designer - Manager.

Added the record ID field to all tables.

TopLine Designer 4.5.1

A minor upgrade to TopLine Designer has been added with major new features.  This is available from our update program by running TopLine Update from your start menu if you already have TopLine Designer installed. 

Updated Microsoft Word integration with a new Merge Fields toolbar.

TopLine Dashboard

TopLine Dash has been released on our update site.  You can get it by running TopLine Update from your start menu if you already have TLDash installed.  What's changed?  See below.

Modified some of the checked list boxes in the preferences to include a horizontal scroll bar if there is a long item.

TopLine Designer 4.5

A new version of TopLine Designer has been released!  No groundbreaking new features have been added except for ACT! 2010 compatibility!  This means that you can now use TopLine Designer to create custom entities in the 2010 release of ACT!.  Along with this, we've added the ability to create custom tabs on the Opportunity table.