SymphonySyncTM is the first email and CRM data integration tool built for marketing professionals by marketing professionals. Save up to 20 hours a month for $99/month.

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Dynamics Constant Contact Integration

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How TopLine
SymphonySyncTM Works

Sync Contact Lists

Sync Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing lists to Constant Contact lists for email sends.

Dynamics Constant Contact Integration

Enable Email Blasts

Enable email blasts from Constant Contact to recently synced lists from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Review Email Results

Sync email opens, clicks and other results from Constant Contact to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Campaigns.

Update Contacts

Update unsubscribed Constant Contact emails in Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically.

Share Email Results

View and share email opens, clicks, unsubscribes with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 users automatically via included dashboards and views.

SymphonySyncTM Package for Microsoft
Dynamics CRM & Constant Contact

Sync MS CRM and Constant Contact

Marketing Lists Sync

Unsubscribes Sync

Email Activity Sync

Email Dashboards

Custom Sync Interval

Sync on Demand

Unlimited Users

Personalized Onboarding

$99/Month Per Organization

No addons required for syncing!

Why TopLine SymphonySyncTM is Different

SymphonySyncTM was developed by our team of Marketing Strategists who have been integrating email solutions with different customer relationship management (CRM) databases for over 10 years. We were determined to create an email and CRM data integration tool that has:

  • Reliable automated syncing of email lists and interactions
  • Data you can depend on
  • Real time report generation to share between departments
  • Support from our expert engineers
  • Low affordable cost

SymphonySyncTM saves you time and money by eliminating the manual tasks of importing & exporting lists, data cleansing, and pulling incomplete reports, so you have time to focus on creating content that produces results.

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Want More SymphonySyncTM?

Our team writes weekly blogs featuring the latest in digital marketing trends and integration. Featured topics
include automation, campaign ROI, email marketing and integrations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise Email Marketing Integration

Today, many integrations available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are focused on working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 online and are not available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise version 9 or higher. We find many of our on-premise customers still need to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with their email marketing tool.

Dynamics Constant Contact Integration

Email Marketing: Sync Microsoft Dynamics and Constant Contact with TopLine SymphonySyncTM

For over 10 years I have been working with different organizations on connecting their Microsoft Dynamics CRM database with Constant Contact, MailChimp, ClickDimensions, and other email marketing platforms. Over the years we have used different third-party add-ons to accomplish this – from Zapier to Cazoomi SyncApps.

Dynamics Constant Contact Integration

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams Integration

Today integration is key. No one likes having multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. One of the most common requests I’ve been getting recently is to be able to integrate Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams. It makes sense that if you’re active in your CRM, you should be able to communicate with others easily from that same CRM system without having to switch apps.

Three Reasons to Integrate Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Did you know TopLine Results can assist with integrating your Constant Contact email marketing account with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Combining these powerful tools helps you not only stay in contact with your clients, but also allows you to track your overall campaign success.