Predictive AI for Strategic Decision-Making using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

In today's evolving business environment, keeping up means more than just reacting – it's about predicting what's next. Manual methods struggle to keep up with changing market trends, customer preferences, and buying patterns. This results in missed opportunities, ineffective customer communication, and poor retention, leading customers to competitors that understand their needs.

Getting Started with Texting for Your Business

We all have received text messages from our favorite retailers for the last couple of years. We get texts about the latest promotional code or a new release. Texting is starting to transfer from business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships to more business-to-business (B2B) communications.

TopLine Results – Launch Partner for ClickDimensions PowerPack

TopLine Results partners with ClickDimensions to unveil innovative PowerPack, enabling SMB growth acceleration, and empowering small & medium-sized businesses with sales and marketing synergy. 
TopLine Results, a trailblazer in leveraging technology for resolving sales, marketing, customer service, and operational complexities, has joined forces with ClickDimensions to introduce PowerPack.

Tracking UTM in Dynamics CRM

If you run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, you are most likely using UTM tracking. You probably get a weekly or monthly report from your advertising agency letting you know what ads were clicked on or leads generated from a particular ad. What if you could take it one step further and understand what leads converted to customers and revenue? You can now do this with ClickDimensions UTM tracking.

ChatGPT & Your Business – Are Robots Taking Over?

AI, ChatGPT, and Bard are the new guys in town that everyone is trying to figure out what to do with and how it will affect their business. You have likely been using a subset of AI (i.e., machine learning) for some time. One of my favorite programs, Grammarly, is based on machine learning.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise Email Marketing Integration

Today, many integrations available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are focused on working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 online and are not available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise version 9 or higher. We find many of our on-premise customers still need to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with their email marketing tool.

Why You Should Consider Joining the TopLine Team

TopLine Results has been in business for over 20 years and our continued growth means more opportunities for new team members to join. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely considering TopLine as a potential fit for your career goals. Before I get into why TopLine, let me tell you a little bit about me and my story.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Tool

TopLine Results has been helping companies select digital marketing software for over ten years. From HubSpot to MailChimp, we’ve evaluated a wide range of software to help their businesses better communicate with customers and prospects. However, the most common problem we see our customers face when selecting the right tools for their job, is that they are just not sure where to start or what their needs truly are.