Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Tool

TopLine Results has been helping companies select digital marketing software for over ten years. From HubSpot to MailChimp, we’ve evaluated a wide range of software to help their businesses better communicate with customers and prospects. However, the most common problem we see our customers face when selecting the right tools for their job, is that they are just not sure where to start or what their needs truly are.

Comparison: Zoho Campaigns vs. Constant Contact

TopLine Results supports multiple digital marketing tools from Mail Chimp to Pardot. As partners and consultants, we have helped hundreds of businesses implement different digital marketing solutions and transition between platforms over the years. Due to our experience, we are often asked to compare products.

Tracking Your Magic

Disney World . . . let that sink in.  What words come to your mind when you hear Disney World?  Many people associate magic, moments, memories, crowds and expense.  I think marketing powerhouse.  I just returned from a family trip to Disney World and the Bahamas via a Disney cruise.

Three Tips for Using Notes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Below are three quick things to consider when using Notes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Notes are available on both the Contact and Account level in CRM.

Although Notes are available at both the Contact and at the Account level in Microsoft CRM, it is important to remember that notes entered at the Contact level do not natively appear at, or roll up to, the Account level.