Marketing to Sales Handoff Tips

Getting marketing and sales on the same page is often no small feat! Regular dialog and mutual respect go a long way toward ensuring a collaborative relationship between these two teams. But that is not enough. One essential element is a clear understanding of each role – where they add unique value and how one team hands-off work to the other.

TopLine Results: Demonstrating the Disciplined Agile Mindset

At TopLine Results, we never stop learning. Our vendors, like Microsoft, HubSpot, Zoho, ClickDimensions, Constant Contact, MailChimp, SyncApps, and others, are constantly updating their software, so we need to keep up. In addition, we continuously “sharpen our saw” by examining and improving the way we work.

5 Things I Found at TopLine

TopLine Results Corporation is a small, family-owned business that recently won the Waukesha County Small Business of the Year award at their 2022 annual meeting. We are a technology consulting company that helps our clients identify and implement the tools they need to build valuable relationships à that is, CRM systems and digital marketing automation platforms.

CRM: Your #1 Tool for RevOps

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is your #1 tool for Revenue Operations. RevOps is the alignment of all revenue-generating teams (sales, marketing, and customer service). I describe RevOps in my previous blog – Revenue Operations: A Growth Driver.

Six Key Questions for Aligning Go-To-Market (GTM) Teams

Alignment of GTM or revenue-generating teams seems like a no-brainer, right? It simply means everyone in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service is “rowing in the same direction”. Unfortunately, some challenges make this harder than it should be. More often than not, these hurdles are the result of organizational barriers.

Revenue Operations: A Growth Driver

Revenue operations is an increasingly popular department for B2B teams, so what is it? Revenue Operations (or RevOps) is aligning all revenue-generating teams under one leader. This leader is not only responsible for the sales, marketing, and customer service teams, but also the success metrics for these teams and the systems that support these functions.

Five Tips to Tidy Up Your CRM Database

Marie Kondo is well known for her advice on “tidying up”. She focuses on decluttering and organizing closets, bookshelves, and homes. Some of her concepts can also apply to data management and data quality. While we may have to keep data that doesn’t necessarily “bring us joy”, we certainly don’t want to keep data that is inaccurate or no longer useful.

Marketing Attribution Reporting

Have you ever wondered whether your marketing efforts were making a difference? I have. I write a newsletter 6-8 times a year, and I’m questioning if this is a good use of my time. Are my efforts moving the needle, so that prospects and clients are meaningfully engaging with TopLine Results?

This is where marketing attribution reports can provide significant insight.