Business Process Consulting

Aligning people, process and technology will significantly increase the probability of driving successful change. New technology can be compelling, but jumping right into a new system without reviewing and optimizing process will, in all likelihood, not lead to the impact desired. Consequently, TopLine Results is pleased to offer business process consulting services to assist our customers in reaching their full potential before, during, and after CRM implementations.

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Sales Process Consulting

TopLine Results can help you analyze and improve your sales process before starting a CRM implementation. However, if you already have a CRM in place, and it’s not working as you had hoped, we can evaluate your current process and help you identify gaps and areas for improvement. Start your sales and marketing health check now.

Marketing Consulting

Our marketing consultants can help your team implement digital marketing techniques to fully utilize the power of CRM and marketing automation. In addition, TopLine Results offers a marketing health check to assess sales/marketing alignment, assistance with optimizing marketing processes, and support for strategic market planning. Start your sales and marketing health check now.

Change Management

Business leaders are paid to make decisions. Deciding to change can be tough; implementing that change successfully can feel insurmountable. TopLine Results consultants have navigated change and driven multiple business turn-arounds – both in the USA and Europe. Our team can help you navigate the steps to make change happen and keep it sustainable.

Organizational Health Checks

Sometime organizations are unable to reach their maximum potential, because the team doesn’t work well together. This can be due to personalities, lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities, or unclear decision-making processes. TopLine Results offers the independence of a third-party to come in and investigate what is real and what is perceived, identifying areas of concerns and proposing solutions.


Our approach to business process consulting is rooted in 30+ years of business experience in a variety of businesses: Fortune 100 global corporations, Department of Defense, start-ups, and not-for-profit organizations. We use data-driven techniques and employ Six Sigma tools, where they make sense. We are also very practical and realistic and will, if requested, aid in implementation as well as assessment. Your success is our goal!

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