A View from the TopLine

When to use Zoho Analytics vs. Zoho CRM Dashboards

Analytics is one of the key features of any CRM system. By using your data strategically, you can provide your prospects and clients with the best possible customer experience. You can also make better decisions for targeting potential buyers, training employees, driving consistent processes, and more.

Excel Find and Replace using Wildcards

I find Excel to be one of the most versatile and useful apps you can have in your toolbox. Recently, I had a large list of names and email addresses that I needed to parse out, and I used a cool feature in Excel to accomplish this.

Imagine that you have a large list that contains both people’s names and their email addresses in a single cell in the following format:

John Smith <JohnSmith@toplineresults.

Scheduling Appointments using Calendly – a Great Productivity Tool!

Do you have to schedule several appointments daily? Do your appointments sometimes involve internal resources? Are you constantly sending multiple emails with date and time options for meetings to your contacts? Are you looking to reduce the amount of time you spend scheduling appointments? If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may want to consider using Calendly!  A FREE scheduling tool.

How CRM, Marketing Automation, and Business Analytics can Boost your Customer Experience and Bottom Line

Many businesses have some level of understanding regarding the relationship between a positive customer experience and a successful organization. How different businesses measure, record, and track customer experiences can vary widely. From direct feedback stored in a database or Excel spreadsheet to automated emails and surveys, everyone seems to have their own method.

Revenue Operations: A Growth Driver

Revenue operations is an increasingly popular department for B2B teams, so what is it? Revenue Operations (or RevOps) is aligning all revenue-generating teams under one leader. This leader is not only responsible for the sales, marketing, and customer service teams, but also the success metrics for these teams and the systems that support these functions.

Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Do you remember a time when we didn’t have email? Being able to converse without making a phone call truly changed how we communicate. Now, it’s not only an essential part of life but every business today. While it seems easy enough – words, pictures, links – there are still fundamental mistakes people are making to this day.

Confirmation Dialogs in Dynamics 365

Do you have multiple forms in Dynamics 365 that you would like to easily switch to by simply selecting a button? What about having someone answer a question by selecting a prompt?

If your response is “yes” to either of these scenarios, look no further than confirmation dialog boxes inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365. A selection window in Dynamics 365 can be customized so you can perform different actions with it.