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Comparison: Zoho Campaigns vs. Constant Contact

TopLine Results supports multiple digital marketing tools from Mail Chimp to Pardot. As partners and consultants, we have helped hundreds of businesses implement different digital marketing solutions and transition between platforms over the years. Due to our experience, we are often asked to compare products.

Power BI: The Leading Business Intelligence Tool


Business intelligence (BI) reporting tools refer to platforms that are designed to collect, analyze, transform, and report data from various sources. They present the data in a visual manner, often using interactive dashboards that provide actional insights.

Send a Mass Email with Zoho CRM


Need to send the same email to multiple recipients at the same time? The “Mass Email” feature in Zoho CRM helps you streamline your communication workflow by allowing you to send the same email to multiple contacts in one action. Using this feature, an individual email is sent to each contact or lead, which means that each recipient sees only their own email address in the ‘To’ address.

Zoho CRM Merge Field Tags

In our previous article in this series, we examined how to create an email template within Zoho CRM for consistent and quick communication. In this article, we will examine how to use merge fields to personalize email templates.

In sales and marketing communications, personalization is the processes of leveraging information you have in your database to create content that feels more relevant and personal to each prospect or customer.

Zoho Datacenter Locations

Vendor hosted solutions are a great way to defer infrastructure costs and resources for an organization, but where is your data? Zoho CRM discloses that information during sign up and gives you a choice!

When you initialize your account, the system looks at your IP address and preselects a location based on your information:

Sometimes it is also important for companies to maintain compliance standards and Zoho allows for the country to be changed during sign up if needed.

Zoho Email Templates

Zoho CRM: How to Create Email Templates
There are many benefits to using email templates in conjunction with your CRM system. Using standardized emails that are personalized to each recipient allows your business to efficiently send messages and updates your recipients will love.

Export Data from Zoho

Zoho CRM How To: Export Data from Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM is a great customer relationship management database that helps sales, service, and marketing teams develop meaningful relationships with customers and prospects. By collecting key information about your customers and your interactions with them, you are able to create meaningful reports and metrics to help guide your business decisions.

Cancel a ClickDimensions Email Send in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

As both a Click Dimensions partner and a user myself, canceling a scheduled email send is one of the most important processes I need to know how to do. I’ve been asked to cancel email sends for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

• Typos & wording changes
• Incorrect links
• Image changes
• Updating/changing the recipient lists
• Canceling the email altogether

If you have not yet encountered the need to stop an email from being sent, as a user of ClickDimensions, you likely will at some point.

Cleaning Up Duplicate Records in Dynamics 365

If you are working from home, you may be finding lots of value in your customer and prospect database, or you may be coming to the realization that it is a mess. One of the fastest ways to make a mess of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is to create duplicates.

Messaging in the Time of Coronavirus


If you are like me, you have received hundreds of emails in the past month that are eerily similar in tone and messaging, regardless of whether it was from Burger King or your local grocery store. All these emails tend to include COVID-19 in the subject line and outline the companies' social distancing and handwashing practices.