A View from the TopLine

Calling all Act! Pro Users – Act! Pro is Retiring

Act! has announced it is discontinuing Act! Pro CRM. After September 15th, 2023, you cannot purchase any more licenses ever again. If you are a user of Pro, this is a prime opportunity to upgrade your CRM to enhance your business goals and growth. In the fast-paced world of technology, unfortunately some software solutions come and go and leave impacts on businesses using them.

Zoho Social Hashtag Groups – The Timesaver You May Be Missing

Zoho Social is elevating its platform! With multiple functions that help you become a social media master, there’s one function you may have overlooked that can help you save time! What’s the function you ask? Well, hashtag groups, of course! However, before we dive into how amazing this tool is, let's backtrack to what a hashtag is.

TopLine Results – Launch Partner for ClickDimensions PowerPack

TopLine Results partners with ClickDimensions to unveil innovative PowerPack, enabling SMB growth acceleration, and empowering small & medium-sized businesses with sales and marketing synergy. 
TopLine Results, a trailblazer in leveraging technology for resolving sales, marketing, customer service, and operational complexities, has joined forces with ClickDimensions to introduce PowerPack.

Displaying Data in Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages is a CMS (Content Management System) based out of Microsoft Dataverse. You can style it quite extensively to look and feel however you would like, just like most other CMS software. The benefit Power Pages brings is that you can easily push and pull data to and from your Dataverse environment.

25 Years of Cutting Edge Solutions

TopLine is approaching its 25th year in business, and its success is due to a multitude of factors that shaped its remarkable history. In the technology world, things change consistently and quickly, especially as time moves forward. One of our values here at TopLine relates to expertise and education.

Employee Engagement and Planning Events

In every workplace, it is important to create an environment where everyone can collaborate and enjoy what they do. One way to improve teamwork and satisfaction at work is by planning events. These gatherings help engage employees but can also strengthen the connections within your community.

Tracking UTM in Dynamics CRM

If you run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, you are most likely using UTM tracking. You probably get a weekly or monthly report from your advertising agency letting you know what ads were clicked on or leads generated from a particular ad. What if you could take it one step further and understand what leads converted to customers and revenue? You can now do this with ClickDimensions UTM tracking.

What’s New in Act! version25

This summer Act! released version25! This new version is equipped with advanced capabilities, making it easier to design custom reporting dashboards, send SMS text messaging, and gain valuable insights from your data to maximize your business performance.