A View from the TopLine

TopLine Results: Demonstrating the Disciplined Agile Mindset

At TopLine Results, we never stop learning. Our vendors, like Microsoft, HubSpot, Zoho, ClickDimensions, Constant Contact, MailChimp, SyncApps, and others, are constantly updating their software, so we need to keep up. In addition, we continuously “sharpen our saw” by examining and improving the way we work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Members License

The term Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) Team Members license (Team Members license) is often confused with the Teams instant messaging app. Teams offers many great communication features like workspace chat, video conferencing, and application integration and is included with some Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) packages.

Microsoft Power Pages: Content Snippets – Use & Benefits

In Power Pages portals, there are instances where you might have text or resources that need to change fairly often and in several locations. Perhaps you want to swap out a featured product or item on your home page that is also featured on several other pages, or you have a notification or notice that needs to appear on several pages.

Tables in Excel

At TopLine Results, we use Excel all the time. The Customer Relationship Management business necessitates the use of Excel for a multitude of reasons, so inevitably, we must become experts in this product. 

Have you ever had trouble filtering or sorting your spreadsheet data? You tell it to sort, and your column headers get sorted along with the rest of your data? You need to format your sheet, but it takes forever? The solution to these problems is simple, tables.

Helpful Tips on Removing Fields in CRM

As your company’s needs shift, it is important to update fields and forms to keep your CRM relevant. You could swap out fields and forms, update new ones, modify them with different options and drop downs, or delete them when they are no longer needed.

4 Ways to Increase your Click Through Rate

Step aside opens, clicks are king! With all the new technology being created and protection software becoming vital to anyone who uses email, sadly, the ability to rely on opens isn’t as realistic as it used to be. How many times have you opened an email and just deleted it without a second look? How about when you open an email, scroll quickly down, and move on? As marketers, how can we tell when someone opens and looks at our message vs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise Email Marketing Integration

Today, many integrations available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are focused on working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 online and are not available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise version 9 or higher. We find many of our on-premise customers still need to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with their email marketing tool.

Tips on Preparing and Attending a Trade Show

A trade show is an event that brings together different vendors and business representatives from specific industries to promote their products and services. It is also a great place to network with other professionals and learn what’s upcoming and trending to stay ahead of competition.