A View from the TopLine

Why a Business Should Consider a CRM Solution

Each business is unique – either in what it does or how it serves customers. Even within the same industry, businesses have differentiators that align them with specific clients or make them stand out relative to their competition. But in the end, every business is about building products or providing services or solutions.

Dynamics 365 CRM and Power BI

Business intelligence, or BI, has been a hot buzz word for several years now. A lot of businesses are looking to take advantage of it but getting only limited traction. There are a number of tools out there to help – each one having its strengths and weaknesses.

Why do some CRMs fail while other succeed?

Since April 1999, I have been involved with CRM implementations. As I reflect on what’s changed over the years, the reason for success or failure has shifted.

Back in the day, databases had to be synced back and forth. That was a fragile process, which has now been virtually eliminated with the advent of web-based CRMs, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We now have real-time access to our accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities.

Entrepreneur Basics … including a Free CRM

I work with a lot of new entrepreneurs, because I love their passion and enthusiasm! I also want to see them succeed. They generally have a great idea about their products and/or services, but they don’t always know how to put the building blocks in place to get their business off to the best start.

Leads: Your Buried Goldmine

Last week I was reminded of a simple and basic rule of selling: follow-up on your leads! It sounds simple, but all too often Marketing generates leads with email campaigns, events, tradeshows, advertising, etc., and Sales doesn’t follow-up. They often make excuses:

I don’t have time.

Pardot: The Admin Monthly Tune-Up List

Here at TopLine, we are all advocates of a philosophy known as the “slight edge”. The philosophy is outlined in the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and it purports that success is the result of consistency in our simple daily choices. One of Olson’s key insights is it’s the small, easy-to-skip tasks that are our greatest barriers in realizing the full potential of our possible successes.

Restoring Deleted Outlook Contacts

People who have used Dynamics CRM in the past know that historically the only way to get your CRM contacts into Outlook was to use the Dynamics CRM Outlook plugin.  This was an app that you would install on each user’s computer which provided for integration and synchronization between Outlook and Dynamics.