A View from the TopLine

New Analytics in Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Sales Premium!

If you are an organization that uses Dynamics 365 solutions, you are probably aware of the updates provided by Microsoft called “release waves”. Hot off the press is the 2022 release wave plan 2. A plethora of features will be available across several apps from October 2022 through March 2023. In this blog, we will review the new Sales usage reports.

Email Marketing Metrics for Effective Campaigns

Email marketing requires your time, your effort, and your money.  Like anything else that requires such precious resources, you need to know if your emails are producing results.  As a digital marketer, analyzing what happens after your emails go out is the most critical part of your campaign.

Microsoft Dynamics: The Modern Advanced Find Experience

Have you seen some changes to your Dynamics 365 Online database recently?  Maybe some changes to the look and feel of your forms for your different records?  New icons around view names in the view selection window?

The debut of Microsoft Dynamics 365 2022 release wave 2 updates is upon us! One of the major changes in this update was to the Advanced Find functionality.

Updating Default Properties in HubSpot

As in any database that is configured, HubSpot comes with default layouts and properties (i.e., fields).  Having the ability to customize what you see when you select a record is important in any environment.  Let’s discuss how we can update the default properties in the contact record, so we can see the data that we want to see in HubSpot.

File Storage Options in Zoho CRM

One of CRM’s major benefits is the ability to store and quickly display all the relevant information related to a Contact, Account, Opportunity, or any other record in your system. One key part of this functionality is how attachments and auxiliary files can be stored, viewed, updated, and managed.

How Technology Consultants Can Save you Money in Uncertain Economic times

Consultants can often be viewed as a luxury, especially in economic slowdowns. It can be a quick decision to trim expenses for organizations who are looking for an easy area for savings. While this may be a common sentiment, it overlooks many of the ways that keeping your consultant can be a money saver, a time saver, and a means for extra overhead flexibility.

Automation Options for Dynamics 365

Modern CRM and database systems must include the ability to automate tasks. Sometimes we need something simple, such as automatically marking an account as a customer after winning an opportunity. Other times we need more complex automations such as having the ability to interface with external systems.

Video Tips for Social Media

Video is taking over social media!  Or better yet, it’s probably more accurate to say it already has! While videos have always been part of marketing, the type of video that is currently making waves in the marketing world is different than it’s been in the past.

Your 3 C’s for Cold Calling are…Company, Contact, CRM.

Cold calling is hard, but it can be effective if you do the right research upfront. Make sure to check these 3 factors before picking up the phone – the company, the contact, and the CRM. It is important to find this information beforehand.  The more you know about a potential client, the greater chance you have of showcasing your value to them.