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HubSpot Marketing Basics: Segmentation and Lists

Strategic segmentation is a foundational element in any successful marketing campaign. Delivering the right message to your audience at the right time will help turn leads into customers and will increase long-term customer loyalty.

In digital marketing, the technical definition of segmentation is the separation of your leads and customers into groups based on shared traits (e.g., personality, interests, habits) and factors (like demographics, industry, income).

Some core benefits of segmentation include:

Learning about your customers on a deeper level so you can tailor content to their specific needs and challenges.

Creating a List in HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an impressive platform with a variety of features to help your marketing team bring in new leads and manage relationships. To make the most of this tool, it’s important to have your target audiences well-defined. I previously explained segmenting audiences using lists in a different article, but today I wanted to show you the simple process of creating these lists, so that you can communicate with relevant and personalized content.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Tool

TopLine Results has been helping companies select digital marketing software for over ten years. From HubSpot to MailChimp, we’ve evaluated a wide range of software to help their businesses better communicate with customers and prospects. However, the most common problem we see our customers face when selecting the right tools for their job, is that they are just not sure where to start or what their needs truly are.

Teams Chat in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is quickly becoming the integrated system that many businesses have been wanting for years. If you use Microsoft Dynamics for your CRM and Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, then here’s a new feature that will really help your productivity.

Five Tips to Tidy Up Your CRM Database

Marie Kondo is well known for her advice on “tidying up”. She focuses on decluttering and organizing closets, bookshelves, and homes. Some of her concepts can also apply to data management and data quality. While we may have to keep data that doesn’t necessarily “bring us joy”, we certainly don’t want to keep data that is inaccurate or no longer useful.

Monitor your company’s direction and strategy.

Metrics are important in any workplace. They help us set goals, measure success, and keep a team on track in any industry. At TopLine Results, we have several methods for monitoring our direction and ensuring our efforts are invested in areas where they will have the biggest impact.

Marketing Attribution Reporting

Have you ever wondered whether your marketing efforts were making a difference? I have. I write a newsletter 6-8 times a year, and I’m questioning if this is a good use of my time. Are my efforts moving the needle, so that prospects and clients are meaningfully engaging with TopLine Results?

This is where marketing attribution reports can provide significant insight.