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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface – Finding and Navigating ClickDimensions

The Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface is the newest experience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. The interface is designed to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation. If your organization has not made the transition yet, it will soon, as the legacy web version will no longer be available starting October 1, 2020.

If you are a ClickDimensions user, you will find that things have certainly moved around.

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It is pretty common during the flow of a regular business transaction to want some sort of automation to happen – change a field, create a task, update a status, send an email, etc.  Workflows have been the traditional way to automate individual or multiple steps.

Creating Marketing Lists in the Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface

If you have recently been upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface, you are starting to see the added benefits of a streamlined look and feel, but there may be moments of asking yourself “where did that go?” Below we will walk you through how to access marketing lists, create them and view the members on the list from the Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface.

Want more people to open your emails?

Want more people to open your emails? A digital marketers’ personal take on subject lines.

In 2019, it is estimated that over 293 billion emails were sent worldwide.*

By 2021, that number is projected to be over 319 billion.*

Even accounting for the estimate that just over half of those emails are likely spam, ** this leaves around 144 billion emails to be sent in 2021, which is still an astonishing number.

Salesforce and Sustainability Cloud

Salesforce, the worldwide leader in CRM software as a service, introduced a new “cloud” a couple weeks ago. This one is somewhat of a departure from their previous business-oriented offerings. Sustainability Cloud is designed to track a company’s carbon usage and their progress toward reducing their carbon footprint.

21 Approaches To Learning CRM in Your Organization

It is widely known that there are three primary learning styles for adults: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners tend to learn by looking, seeing, and watching. Auditory learners tend to learn by listening, hearing, and speaking. Kinesthetic learners tend to learn by experience, doing, and moving.

Join A Microsoft Teams Meeting Hosted By TopLine Results

One of the greatest achievements in technology that has helped everyday business-people is having the ability to share your computer screen with another person…or to securely view the computer screen of another. At TopLine Results, we do this very often for many reasons including, but not limited to:

Demonstrating a product we support, such as Dynamics 365, Zoho or Salesforce.

Using the Advanced Find Feature in Zoho CRM

Often in a CRM system, you need to search for data across tables to retrieve actionable information, such as finding all contacts by industry or segment or identifying the number of opportunities for account types that are prospects.

In Zoho CRM, advanced filters or queries can be created using the report feature.

Zoho One: A Powerhouse Platform for Your Entire Team

Looking for an online platform that offers a great variety of tools at a very affordable price? Look no further than Zoho One. Zoho One is a platform of over 40 applications with different functions to enable your business to grow and succeed. Zoho One offers tools for all areas of your business: sales, marketing, support, HR, accounting, and operations.