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Advanced Find and Creating Views in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows users to manage their business processes effectively. One of the key features of Dynamics 365 is the ability to create custom views to display specific records based on defined criteria.

What is your integration maintenance plan?

Does your organization leverage any software integrations, or do you have systems you may consider integrating in the future?  

Most organizations depend on at least one, if not multiple, integrations between various sales, marketing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and financial systems.

Offline Access for your Cloud Based CRM

Offline Access for your Cloud Based CRM
Using an online CRM system is great as it allows you to make updates anywhere and at any time! But what if you visit customers, prospects, or other business contacts that are in a remote location where there is a spotty connection or no coverage at all? Yes, this still happens.

Your CRM in Times of Crisis Management

This year I crafted our business strategy for crisis management.  As a result of the past turbulent years and because of our responsibilities to our customers, this was an important task at TopLine Results.

The pandemic and its aftermath had a great impact on us as well as everyone else in the world.

Helpful Personalization Settings in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful CRM system and part of that power lies in its ability to help each individual work in a way that is most useful for them. Some features, like personal list views, email signatures, and personal dashboards are excellent tools that can make your use of CRM easier and more efficient.

Top of the Line “Total Rewards” at TopLine Results Corporation

The term holistic can refer to many things but when referring to a company’s comprehensive list of benefits and perks, it is better known as the company’s “Total Rewards”. TopLine Results offers a unique Total Rewards package! Its holistic approach is indicative of how TopLine considers its employees when deciding on the perks and benefits offered.

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams Integration

Today integration is key. No one likes having multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. One of the most common requests I’ve been getting recently is to be able to integrate Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams.  It makes sense that if you’re active in your CRM, you should be able to communicate with others easily from that same CRM system without having to switch apps.

Wrike Outlook Add-In Setup

One of the most useful tools in Wrike is its task function. You can create tasks and assign them to users as well as keep track of the status of all tasks. You also get a "My To-Do" list to quickly view all your tasks. Having the ability to keep track of not only what you are working on but others are working on as well is incredibly useful.

Never Stop Learning

Never stop learning. The world is ever-evolving and changing – especially the business world.  Every day people are working toward creating new solutions, brainstorming strategies, building new companies, and making new inventions.  The marketing world alone is a different place than when I graduated college and it’s just going to keep evolving in the years to come.