A View from the TopLine

Marketing to Sales Handoff Tips

Getting marketing and sales on the same page is often no small feat! Regular dialog and mutual respect go a long way toward ensuring a collaborative relationship between these two teams. But that is not enough. One essential element is a clear understanding of each role – where they add unique value and how one team hands-off work to the other.

Leveraging AI to Supercharge Your CRM System

In today's business landscape, AI has revolutionized customer relationship management (CRM) systems, empowering organizations to connect with customers in new and powerful ways. By integrating AI capabilities into your CRM system, you can achieve remarkable improvements in customer insights, lead management, and personalized interactions.

A Guide to Understanding and Leveraging UTM Tracking

If you are not consistently using UTM tracking in your marketing campaigns, it’s a great place to start because businesses thrive when they lead with data-driven decision-making.

This is especially true in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing as the number of channels we can use to reach customers seems to grow exponentially.

4 Ways Canva Can Streamline Your Content Creation

Creative blocks are the biggest hurdles in content creation. However, tools like Canva help your creativity thrive, allowing you to easily produce, manage, and maintain your content. Canva is one of the most user-friendly graphic design tools with endless features that can significantly benefit your businesses’ branding and marketing strategy.

Using the “Document Scanner” AI Model for PowerApps

Many organizations prefer to have digital copies of documents they receive so they can be stored and managed effectively. However, this poses the ever-present problem of “what should be done when we receive a paper document?" One approach is to scan documents to PDF and store them in a digital filing system.

Salesperson Likes & Dislikes of a CRM and Reasons for a Switch

For the last 24 years, TopLine Result's vision has been to create delight through imaginative solutions to solve real challenges and deliver tangible results by using relationship-driven technology like a CRM (customer relationship management).

We have witnessed a multitude of customers who embraced CRM with passion.

Introduction to Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a tool that measures the effectiveness of a business’s social media marketing efforts. It supports multiple social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Google My Business. If you are familiar with HootSuite, then these capabilities may sound very similar.

Microsoft Dynamics Power Pages (formerly known as Power Portals)

What are portals? A portal is a website or page that allows access to a collection of resources or information. Additionally, it is integrated with a database. Most portals offer some form of user authentication and role-based access controls. They allow the site to provide customized information specific to that person.

CRM Permissions – Why They Are Important

To ensure users have access to what they need within your CRM system, it is important to be intentional when setting up permissions. This becomes more necessary the larger your team. Permissions in a CRM system dictate what a user has access to, what they can view, and what they can edit in the system.