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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat . . . the list goes on.  Many small businesses that I work with daily find social media to be overwhelming and hard to manage.  At TopLine Results, we work with clients to make social media manageable and engaging.

Act! August Promotion

If you are you an existing Act! customer and own your software (perpetual licensing) or were a previous customer and want to start using Act! again, there are spectacular offers this month for subscription pricing!

How does 4 months FREE sound?  That reduces the monthly per user cost to as low as $16 per user! Definitely a great deal!

There are several configuration options to fit your organizational needs:

Act! Premium
Self-hosted on your server
$200 annually per user

Act! Premium
In the cloud, hosted by Swiftpage
$280 annually per user

Act! Premium Plus
Self-hosted on your server + custom tables
$280 annually per user

Act! Premium Plus
In the cloud, hosted by Swiftpage + custom tables
$360 annually per user

Act! Premium Plus
In a private cloud hosted by Swiftpage + allows for 3rd-party solutions
$440 annually per user

Great new features include:

Act! Insights - improved dashboard reporting
Act! Companion - new mobile app
Act! Connect - integrated business apps
New Outlook integration
Alexa integration
Access to the Act! API
…and more!

Subscription membership includes:

Automatics product updates
Training resources
Act! enewsletter
…and more

Some restrictions may apply, but we can help you discern what works best for you.

The Power of Business Intelligence

With great data about your business, you can mine it for intelligence, use it to predict outcomes, and provide that feedback to your business to improve your strategies and tactics. This feedback can be transformational. It can be used to:

Better engage with your customers – ensuring your messaging is relevant and timely
Increase the value of your products and services – transforming them to better meet needs
Optimize your operations – investing in processes that make the biggest impact
Empower your employees – giving them a voice and helping them make a bigger difference.

Always Room for Improvement

Recently I worked with a client who has a “best in class” sales process. I was super impressed with the level of thought and detail that went into their process document. On paper, they include sales stages, steps within each stage, milestones for their customers, activities to be completed, team capabilities needed, and a success rate probability assigned to each stage.

How to Inspire Your Sales Force to Adopt CRM!

This month I was asked to give an inspirational talk at a company that has been using CRM for the last few years. They migrated to Dynamics 365 from Dynamics CRM 2011 several months ago, and the objective of the speech was to re-engage the sales force with CRM. The hope was that managers and sales team members would use CRM in a more integrated way throughout their work day.

Accessing Salesforce Lightning UI from an iPad

There seems to be some confusion surrounding using Salesforce on an iPad.  If you are a Lightning user and are interested in accessing the full Lightning interface from your iPad – read on! And no, we're not talking about the Salesforce mobile experience! 

Yes, when you first logon from your iPad, the mobile experience will open.

Which Act! mobile app is right for you?

Do you use Act! and work on the go? Working on the go can be tough and arduous. Having to lug around a laptop so you can see and update your information can make this more difficult – especially because most of the time you must find an internet connection to work effectively.

Back to Basics

I just got back from a vacation, and I am rusty! After eight days of no professional activity, I am making simple mistakes and kicking myself for doing so. Ugh! As a seasoned professional, it is clear I need to get back to basics.

Scenario 1:

I was going through some notes on my desk and found a contact I needed to call.

Salesforce Midwest Dreamin’: The place to be in July!

One reason I love being a Salesforce consultant is the robust and inspiring community of Salesforce “Trailblazers” which surrounds the Salesforce ecosystem.

As defined by Salesforce, Trailblazers are pioneers and innovators who inspire others, drive change in their careers and companies, and transform the experiences of their customers through their dedication to innovation.

TopLine Results Announces Small Business Educational Seminars

Something our team prides itself on is taking complex business problems and breaking them down, so they are easy to understand and overcome.  Over the years we have fine-tuned various solutions so they can be taught in a classroom setting.  We normally provide CRM, digital marketing and business process consulting training sessions at a corporate level but have been asked over the years to format this training for small businesses and individuals looking to improve their skills.