Top 3 SEMrush Reports to Improve Your Digital Footprint

Top 3 SEMrush Reports to Improve Your Digital Footprint

As digital marketers, we unify the creative and the analytical worlds. While getting wrapped up in the creative aspect of marketing is easy, metrics and reports are the foundation for supporting, elevating, and calculating your ROI for all marketing campaigns. TopLine Results utilizes SEMrush to provide the most accurate information to help your digital marketing perform well.

SEMrush is an all-in-one master tool that helps you improve your online visibility through marketing insights. When clients ask us what SEMrush can be used for – we answer "everything and anything" regarding your website. Let's start with the basics, knowing what a powerful tool this is.


Here are the top 3 SEMrush Reports we recommend:

  1. Site Audit.

    The first SEMrush report we recommend to all clients is the site audit. Websites are the hub of your digital marketing presence. All other elements – social media, ads, email marketing – revolve around driving traffic to your website. It's the primary source of information for your company. Therefore, no one wants to build a beautiful website that gets no traffic. That's why running and reviewing a SEMrush site audit report is key. In this report, you can view your website errors, warnings, and notices. You can check your top issues and the specific links that need updating. This report gives you all the necessary information to correct those errors and improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Nothing makes marketing experts happier than seeing their SEO standing increase!

  2. Domain Overview.

    This excellent report gives you a complete analysis of your website traffic. Here is where you can view what countries are active on your website, organic vs. paid traffic metrics, keyword metrics, leading competitors, and branded traffic. It is a great place to improve your keyword strategy and competitor positioning.

  3. Traffic Analysis.

    While the name is a little misleading, one of the main functionalities of this report is the ability to check competitors' digital strategies. This feature allows you to compare up to five websites and run an analytics report to compare website metrics. This report lets you directly compare website visits, page visits, visit duration, traffic sources, and the top traffic sources sending the most traffic to each website. A marketer's dream is to look behind the curtain and see what your competitors are doing and make improvements to your current campaign.


These are just three of the many report options in SEMrush. There are many options, and we're here to help you navigate which report would work best for your company's goals and how to use this information to improve your digital presence. To schedule your free basic site audit – call 1-800-880-1960 or email


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