A View from the TopLine

Designer – Corrupted Metadata

If you are mixing versions of TopLine Designer and make schema modifications using an old version, it's possible to corrupt your metadata.  Newer versions of TopLine Designer prevent this from occuring but if you find yourself in this situation, follow these steps.

TopLine Designer Web Update

An update is available for TopLine Designer Web.  This update only applies if you are using TopLine Designer Web and are experiencing issues getting it started. 

Please download the attached file.  Unzip and copy the files to your APFW folder.

Update to TopLine Designer

We have released an updated Setup MSI file for TopLine Designer  This can be obtained from http://www.toplineresults.com/downloads.aspx.

There is a key new feature in this release.  We now perform a check during each login to make sure that you are running a version of TopLine Designer that is compatible with the version of metadata within the database.

Custom Table ACT! 2012 bug

If you are using ACT! 2012 and use custom tables, please be aware of a new bug that has been discovered.  The bug has to do with any field in your custom table where you have specified Generate History.  If you have fields in your custom table with Generate History turned on, you may be unable to create or update custom table records.

TopLine Designer Blank Screens after Update

The latest version of TopLine Designer does require all users to update to the latest version.  If you do not do so, there is a possibility that you could mess up your metadata which includes your screen definitions.  In order to resolve this, you have two options:

You can recreate all of the screens and relationships manually.

TopLine Designer 5.6 Update

TopLine Designer 5.6 has been updated.  The primary purpose of this update is to introduce support for the Solution Place. All users must update to the latest version of TopLine Designer or the "non-updated" users will not have Designer functionality and will receive an error when logging into ACT!.  If, when logging into ACT!, you get an error message stating "There was an error loading the metadata.

Solution Place for Sage ACT!

Get pre-made solution for Sage ACT! 2011 or 2012 from the Solution Place!

We already have solutions for Event Management, Customer Service, Productivity (Getting things done), and Quoting.  Check back often to find out what else the ACT! community has come up with.