TopLine Add-on Compatibility with Act! v20

TopLine Add-on Compatibility with Act! v20

In 2013, with the release of Act! v16, TopLine Results Corporation implemented a new upgrade policy for TopLine add-ons. TopLine add-ons purchased prior to August 2013 must be upgraded to be compatible with Act! v16 or later versions of Act!. For Act! v20, there is no TopLine add-on upgrade required if your TopLine add-on was purchased after August 2013 or the add-on was already upgraded for Act! v16.  For example, if you are currently using Act! v19 with two licenses of TopLine Designer, you would pay no upgrade charges for Designer when you upgrade to Act! v20.

This upgrade requirement primarily affects customers who purchased TopLine add-ons prior to August 2013 who now wish to upgrade their Act! software.  TopLine Results implemented the new upgrade policy as a “hard upgrade” effective with Act! v16 due to significant development changes in add-on products.  At this time, no future upgrade charges are planned; however, we always reserve the right to do so in the future.

Below are important links for additional information on upgrading TopLine add-ons:
- Upgrade procedures
- TopLine Add-on pricing
- TopLine Designer help file
- TopLine Dash help file

If you have any questions or need assistance with your upgrade, please contact us at

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Jackie Brajner is our lead consultant for marketing integration with CRM. With more than eight years of CRM experience, Jackie specializes in email marketing integration, campaign tracking and lead management. Jackie also coordinates TopLine Results corporate marketing and inside sales efforts.

Jackie's certifications include: Silver Certified Microsoft partner, Microsoft Certified Professional, Registered Salesforce partner, ClickDimensions Certified Professional, Pardot partner and Constant Contact partner.


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