Tracking Your Magic

Tracking Your Magic

Disney World . . . let that sink in.  What words come to your mind when you hear Disney World?  Many people associate magic, moments, memories, crowds and expense.  I think marketing powerhouse.  I just returned from a family trip to Disney World and the Bahamas via a Disney cruise.  While most were looking for a Mickey ice cream bar or grabbing their fast passes for Space Mountain, I was caught up in the guest interactions, branding and signage.

The business magic of Disney sometimes gets lost because it is so much of who they are.  As I munched on a Mickey shaped pretzel, I thought about what messages I could bring back to the businesses that I help. What really kept rising to the top was:  how do you track your magic?

To have a successful business you must create value in what you do or sell.  Many times, we search for ways to make our customers feel special.  We may give them discounts, free products or services.  Where we miss the mark is telling them and showing them that this is something special we are doing just for them.

Disney does a fantastic job of making everyone who enter their parks feel special. Their cast members wish you a magical day and spread “pixie dust” to visitors via free buttons, comped fast passes and room upgrades.  If you get anything for free at Disney they make sure to tell you that they are adding magic or pixie dust to your day.  You don’t just feel special, you know you are special.

With CRM we can track all the magic your business gives to your customers, so it can be part of your conversations.  We can do this via case tracking and various fields on the company and contact forms.  The real magic happens when you layer a marketing automation tool on top of your CRM to notify customers via email about the magic your company just created for them.

By tracking the “extras” you are giving your customers in CRM, you will get a view of the true value of the relationship.  Some relationships may appear less profitable than once thought and others will emerge as more profitable than previously perceived.  Tracking the extras helps you to identify when its time to provide some extra care and reward great customers.

If you aren’t getting that magic feeling from your CRM and marketing automation tools, contact us to set-up a complimentary assessment.  We have plenty of “pixie dust” to spread.

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