Nerd Alerts: Technology Tips from TopLine’s Favorite Nerds

Nerd Alerts: Technology Tips from TopLine’s Favorite Nerds

Not another webinar . . . when do we get to meet in-person? . . . how do we make this fun? These are the thoughts that popped into our team’s minds when we started to think about how we could share information and network with some of our favorite customers.  

Nerd Alerts is unlike any TopLine webinar you have been part of. We will be teaming up our team members to provide you with their hand-picked topics based on their expertise and real-time requests we are getting from both customers and prospects. Beyond that we will be entering attendees into weekly drawings to win techie prizes from Amazon gift cards to a 60-minute Q & A with a nerd of your choice.  

Most of all, we are making a commitment to make these webinars as interactive as possible.  We will be doing a speed round of networking where attendees contact information and business details will be shared at the end of the webinar, opt-out available. TopLine Results has been conducting trainings via Web for over 15 years and we know how to make it fun and educational.  

Enough on why we are doing this, lets meet the nerds and their topics.  Many familiar faces and a few you might be just getting to know.  

 Dirty Data – How to clean and validate your data  

Tuesday, November 10th at 10am Central  

Join Dan Boehm, CIO, and Tom Duwe, Senior CRM Technician, to learn about the tools we use to clean-up data in databases, validate old email lists and search out bad data in your database. By the time you are done you will have a list of actions to take to ensure you have quality data and can start generating business from your refreshed lead lists.  

 Featured Tools:  Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Email Validation Service & Address Validation Service  

Quick Facts on The Nerds 

Keeping up with Social Media  Connections, Ads, Tik Tok, Reels . . . What Matters? 

Tuesday, December 8th at 10am Central  

Dive into the ever-changing world of social media with Doreen Bridges, Vice President, and Jackie Brajner, CMO. We will discuss how social media has changed over the last 5 years, what social media tools you should consider and how to manage all your content. Leave with a content calendar plan and next steps on which social media platforms will serve your business best.  

Featured Tools: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Canva, HootSuite & Zoho Social  

Quick Facts on the Nerds:

Building a Sales and Marketing Powerhouse – Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams to Beat the Competition 

Tuesday, January 12th at 10am Central  

Your sales and marketing teams are performing well separately, but teams that are united and working together to achieve their goals consistently outperform teams that are not aligned. Join Melanie Varin, COO, and Jennifer Scheidegger, Senior CRM and Digital Marketing Consultant, to learn why sales and marketing alignment is important, how to drive action and ROI, and what processes and systems to have in place to help your sales and marketing teams achieve their goals.

Featured Tools: Lean processes, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho & Salesforce, CRM, Campaign Sources, Lead Scoring, Marketing ROI 

Quick Facts on the Nerds:

The Virtual Sales Process – Strategies and Tactics to Close Deals 

Tuesday, February 9th at 10am Central 

TopLine Results has served customers in more than 31 states over the last 20 years. Most of our customers were closed virtually; for many, we have maintained long-lasting relationships, which have accounted for millions of dollars of consulting services and CRM software products. In this webinar, Fred Varin, President, will walk you through his experience selling over the phone and using web meetings to connect. He will provide the proven tips that have served him well. In this webinar, you will learn some creative ways to look for new business, present virtually, and close the deal (virtually…) 

Featured Tools: Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Zoho   

Quick Facts on the Nerds:


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