Salesforce Midwest Dreamin’: The place to be in July!

Salesforce Midwest Dreamin’: The place to be in July!

One reason I love being a Salesforce consultant is the robust and inspiring community of Salesforce “Trailblazers” which surrounds the Salesforce ecosystem.

As defined by Salesforce, Trailblazers are pioneers and innovators who inspire others, drive change in their careers and companies, and transform the experiences of their customers through their dedication to innovation. Trailblazers are always on the lookout for ideas to make things better!

Anyone can be a Trailblazer; you do not need to be an expert in Salesforce to qualify!

You might be someone who uses Salesforce at your company/organization, you might be the go-to person for Salesforce questions at your company, or you might be an executive at your organization. No matter how you interact with Salesforce, you qualify as a Trailblazer if you if are interested in learning about how to most effectively use Salesforce.

In the Salesforce community, there is no shortage of ways to connect with fellow Trailblazers. Local user groups, events and conferences throughout the world, and numerous online platforms and communities are some of the main way Salesforce users collaborate to share advice, learn best practices, solve problems, and get inspired by new ideas.

One awesome event for Trailblazers is Midwest Dreamin', which is a community-run conference held every summer in Chicago where Salesforce users from the area meet to network and to celebrate the "Trailblazer" community.

This year’s Midwest Dreamin' is from July 11th-13th at The Palmer House, a Hilton hotel.

The highlight of Midwest Dreamin' is the 30+ breakout sessions where attendees of all Salesforce levels learn new ideas, skills, and best practices related to Salesforce. Breakout sessions are presented by anyone who has an experience or skill with Salesforce, which they feel can benefit other Salesforce users as well.  Because the session are written and presented by real users solving real problems, the content in all of the sessions is always relatable and interesting.

The goal of each breakout session is to send you back to your company with new ideas and practicable, actionable tips for making improvement to your Salesforce database, business systems and processes.  As a veteran Midwest Dreamin' attendee, I will personally vouch for the fact that I have found every session I have attended to be valuable – whether I have been introduced to a feature I previously didn't know about, or I have learned a simple trick that will save time in completing a basic Salesforce task, like pulling a report. I can guarantee that everyone leaves with at least one way to maximize your companies' investment in Salesforce, which will improve the lives of your colleagues and the experience of your customers. The atmosphere is friendly and energetic, and I always leave feeling newly energized and inspired about what is possible with Salesforce.

This year, there is an extra special reason why I am looking forward to Midwest Dreamin'. I will be leading not one, but two breakout sessions! Having considerable experience in working with nonprofits using Salesforce, I have developed two topics specific to nonprofits, and I have the distinct honor of being the only presenter selected for two breakout sessions!

I will be sharing more about the sessions in my next blog post, but if you would like a preview, visit  to learn more about the event and to see a listing of all the sessions and other activities.

If you are nonprofit user of Salesforce, I would love to meet you at either one of my sessions. If you have any questions about how your nonprofit is using Salesforce, I would be happy to hear about them either during the Q&A portion of my sessions or at any other time during the event. If you are not a nonprofit user, I would also love to meet you and hear about any questions you might have. When I am not presenting myself, I will be attending other sessions and exploring the vendor hall.

No matter how you use Salesforce, I highly recommend that you attend Midwest Dreamin'!  If you would like to schedule a specific time to meet with me or one of my colleagues during Midwest Dreamin', please reach out to us at

About the Author
Jennifer Scheidegger is a CRM Consultant for TopLine Results.  Jen specializes in developing CRM databases for clients and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and Pardot.

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