Zoho Datacenter Locations

Vendor hosted solutions are a great way to defer infrastructure costs and resources for an organization, but where is your data? Zoho CRM discloses that information during sign up and gives you a choice!

When you initialize your account, the system looks at your IP address and preselects a location based on your information:

Sometimes it is also important for companies to maintain compliance standards and Zoho allows for the country to be changed during sign up if needed.

What’s New in the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface?

The new Dynamics 365 UI has been renamed as the Unified Interface. The interface extends across the Microsoft common data platform and provides the same experience in all apps but remains flexible with its customization capabilities. It is much different from the previous web design.

Using the Advanced Find Feature in Zoho CRM

Often in a CRM system, you need to search for data across tables to retrieve actionable information, such as finding all contacts by industry or segment or identifying the number of opportunities for account types that are prospects.

In Zoho CRM, advanced filters or queries can be created using the report feature.

Why a Business Should Consider a CRM Solution

Each business is unique – either in what it does or how it serves customers. Even within the same industry, businesses have differentiators that align them with specific clients or make them stand out relative to their competition. But in the end, every business is about building products or providing services or solutions.

Act! Perpetual Licensing – Retirement Announcement

Throughout the long history of Act! (dating back to days of DOS), the software could be purchased by customers in the form of a perpetual license. In today's marketplace, however, the shift has moved toward Software as a Service (SaaS), and subscription licensing has become the norm.

Act! August Promotion

If you are you an existing Act! customer and own your software (perpetual licensing) or were a previous customer and want to start using Act! again, there are spectacular offers this month for subscription pricing!

How does 4 months FREE sound?  That reduces the monthly per user cost to as low as $16 per user! Definitely a great deal!

There are several configuration options to fit your organizational needs:

Act! Premium
Self-hosted on your server
$200 annually per user

Act! Premium
In the cloud, hosted by Swiftpage
$280 annually per user

Act! Premium Plus
Self-hosted on your server + custom tables
$280 annually per user

Act! Premium Plus
In the cloud, hosted by Swiftpage + custom tables
$360 annually per user

Act! Premium Plus
In a private cloud hosted by Swiftpage + allows for 3rd-party solutions
$440 annually per user

Great new features include:

Act! Insights - improved dashboard reporting
Act! Companion - new mobile app
Act! Connect - integrated business apps
New Outlook integration
Alexa integration
Access to the Act! API
…and more!

Subscription membership includes:

Automatics product updates
Training resources
Act! enewsletter
…and more

Some restrictions may apply, but we can help you discern what works best for you.