Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Members License

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Members License

The term Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) Team Members license (Team Members license) is often confused with the Teams instant messaging app. Teams offers many great communication features like workspace chat, video conferencing, and application integration and is included with some Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) packages.[1] However, the D365 Teams Members license is much different than access to Microsoft’s collaboration platform.

The Team Members license is a subscription licensing option for Dynamics 365 online. This license can be added to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications product line. The license is meant for users who might consume data or reports or perform minor tasks but do not need full access to the business app. Users only have read/write access to contacts, notes, and activities. It can also be used for approvals and form updates based on the specific business app.

Microsoft’s pricing resource is their Dynamics 365 pricing page.[2] This document include pricing for all sorts of subscriptions, such as primary Sales Professional and Customer Service licenses as well as add-on licenses, that can save an organization as much as 60% off the standard price. Wondering where you can find more information about the Team Members license? You may notice by clicking through the individual product pricing pages that nothing is listed! Yes, it’s surely Microsoft’s best kept secret. The current cost for a Team Members license is $8 per month (with an annual subscription). This is an enormous cost savings for an organization! Users are granted access to up to 15 custom tables, so it is a great solution for a company using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. More information about the Team Members license type can be found in the licensing guide, downloadable from the pricing page. 2

A critical item for all Dynamics 365 administrators is to ensure your user licensing is configured to meet the parameters designated by Microsoft. When adding a team member, be sure he/she has the correct read/write access to the core records in the Dynamics 365 app based on the licensing guide documentation. Incorrect permissions could result in a fine, if you are audited.

When considering a platform for business solutions, Microsoft offers flexible licensing options and robust applications to help an organization grow. Reach out for more information or request a time to meet so we can find the right solutions to meet your business’ goals.

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