Tracking Marketing Metrics in your CRM System

Tracking Marketing Metrics in your CRM System

What influences your decision-making process for marketing activities and spend?  Many times in marketing we must balance creativity, timing, audience and spend when selecting campaigns.  The success of a marketing campaign is often judged by a feeling.  We look at the reach our campaign had, or the number of leads collected, but it does not go much further than that.  The leads generated are turned over to sales, and marketing is no longer responsible for them.  To get the true value of a marketing campaign we must follow the customer journey from lead to deal closure and beyond.  This is where a CRM system can assist you in getting hard numbers on the success of your campaign.

When you integrate your marketing campaigns with your lead generation and sales process, you can track revenue by marketing campaign.  First, you start with a lead.  For example, when you return from a trade show and import your leads into CRM, tag each lead with the marketing campaign/tradeshow that generated that lead.  As leads are qualified and disqualified, you can now see the quality of your leads.

Once your sales team qualifies their leads, the campaign will follow through and tag the opportunity automatically.  Now you can view the amount of revenue generated or lost by specific campaigns.  This allows you to gather data to see your return on investment from each campaign.

Graph 1 Graph 2

The above dashboards are examples for metrics collected from Microsoft Dynamics campaigns, but this works similarly for Salesforce and Zoho CRM as well.

We work with different organizations on their marketing metrics and processes to attain reports and dashboards.  Below is a list of our top metrics requests.  Are you able to pull these metrics today?  If not, we can help.

  • Lead scores
  • Days leads are open by owner
  • All leads by owner
  • Leads by disqualification reason
  • Opportunities by campaign
  • Types of marketing campaigns
  • Spend by marketing campaign
  • Year over year progress for annual marketing campaigns
  • Leads and contacts email interactions - opens, clicks, bounces
  • Leads and contacts website interactions – visits, page views, posted forms
  • Power BI for visualization

If you are interested in looking at how you can pull different metrics out of your CRM system, contact us at or 800-880-1960.

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