TopLine Add-On Products Update: A Letter from Fred Varin

TopLine Add-On Products Update: A Letter from Fred Varin

From the desk of Fred Varin, President, TopLine Results:

When I first started this company in 1999, we were an Act! Partner specializing in their products and services. Since then, we have grown to provide the best service possible in CRM technology, analytics, and marketing solutions that help businesses meet and exceed their goals. Our collection of products has expanded to include other CRM software, as well as complementary products and services, that have evolved with and widened the scope of our company.

With this evolution and our strategic plan in mind, today we are announcing that we will be selling the rights to our add-on products to the Keystroke Group. These add-on products include TopLine Dash, TopLine Designer, and TopLine Alerts. All TopLine add-on activations, purchases, and support should be directed to Keystroke Group, effective immediately, unless you are a current TopLine Results Act! customer.

We will still be providing best in class support for Act!, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Salesforce, and all other services we provide, just as we did before.  These add-on products no longer fit with our business goals for the future.

We are proud of the way our business has grown, serving thousands of CRM and digital marketing end users in over 20 US states, as well as internationally. We are thankful for all the customers who have made our passion possible along the way. We will continue to serve these customers as we always do, and we look forward to every opportunity where we can make strategic visions a reality.

Our mission at TopLine Results is to use technology to solve sales and marketing problems. We are relentless about helping our clients achieve their goals by bringing together the right tools for building valuable relationships. That mission is not changing, and we hope that we can help you carry out your mission as well, using technology, CRM, and marketing.

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Fred Varin

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