25 Years of Cutting Edge Solutions

25 Years of Cutting Edge Solutions

TopLine is approaching its 25th year in business, and its success is due to a multitude of factors that shaped its remarkable history. In the technology world, things change consistently and quickly, especially as time moves forward. One of our values here at TopLine relates to expertise and education. Our primary function is bringing our customers the most cutting-edge CRM and digital marketing technology solutions and recommendations. This is something that can only happen if we invest as a company in the products and services we offer.

How can you know that TopLine is always working on providing the most cutting-edge solutions for your business?


As a company, we maintain many different certifications for the vendors we represent. Zoho, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, ClickDimensions, and Salesforce are just some of the vendors for which we are certified partners. These certifications often require hours of preparation, study time, and regular renewals to stay ahead of constant changes in the software. The number of certifications as a company is always changing, but we are proud to have well over 50 certifications and counting at TopLine.

Vendor Connections

It is often difficult, if not impossible, for our customers to have a direct line to a software provider to assist with their newest releases, product road map information, or feature updates (not to mention quality support). TopLine goes to bat for our clients with direct lines of communication to software vendors. We want to make sure our clients are getting the most updated features that our vendors are offering. Hence, we test and vet all features to ensure unintended consequences do not provide a negative experience and to increase our first-hand knowledge about the products we represent. We work through testing new releases before passing them along to our customers. We want to make sure we are providing proven solutions when implementing and supporting them.


The TopLine team spends a lot of time in collaboration both internally and externally. Because of the multitude of custom projects we complete, sharing our working knowledge about each product and project is something we prioritize internally. We proactively discuss our learnings so we can leverage those new skills in future projects. We also collaborate with our vendors through regular meetings and communication exchanges, including attending training and annual meetings to build connections and learn the most up-to-date information. In addition, we maintain and continue to grow our network of referral partners to stay knowledgeable and focused on what we do best while offering our customers other vetted experts for custom work they need outside our core expertise. We realize that it sometimes “takes a village” so regular collaboration is a priority. This enables us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients.

The technology world around us continues to change at a rapid pace. Yet, you can rest assured that TopLine will continue to prioritize providing cutting-edge solutions. Whether your solution is related to CRM, digital marketing, email marketing, or process consulting, we can help. If you are looking for a knowledgeable partner or have any questions about your CRM or digital marketing needs, reach out to us at info@toplineresults.com!

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