Fred Varin attends VetsNet Roundtable

VetsNet Roundtable

TopLine Results doesn't just say they support U.S. veterans, but hires them as well. Our marketing consultant, Madison Knabe, is part of the Wisconsin Air National Guard. As part of our goal to give back to a community that secures our freedom on a day to day basis, Fred, TopLine's President, attended VetsNet Executive Roundtable.

Video Techniques

Recently I hosted my Pizza and Pop event all about video. We covered why you should use video, many different types, and some hot tips and tricks to shooting your own videos. Oh and of course, we all had pizza! Now that the event is behind us, I want to follow up with some additional video techniques.

Pizza and Pop

[Pewaukee, Wisconsin – February 25, 2019] – TopLine Results Corporation, a customer relationship management (CRM) consulting firm based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, announces the launch of a new seminar series. The seminars, appropriately called Pizza and Pop, are free lunches hosted by TopLine results at their corporate office.

Adobe Electronic Document Signature with Dynamics 365

Most businesses need to have their customers sign documents.  Whether it is a receipt for services or an invoice of some sort, proof is needed that a customer agrees to the contents of a written record.  In the past this required pen and paper.  Someone had to print the document, sign it with a pen and return it somehow (via scan/email, fax, mail).

TopLine Results has a proven, simpler, solution for this by using Adobe Sign.

Dynamics 365 Outlook App v9 – Create Case from Email

Efficiency is one of the keys to an effective CRM.  People need to be able to do their jobs with the least amount of work possible.  The new Outlook App for Dynamics 365 v9 is a great tool to help customer service people work more efficiently.  The feature that I will be discussing today involves a way to create a case from an email directly within Outlook, eliminating the need to work separately in your web browser.

Act! Connect – What can you connect to?

In the past, connecting different tools to Act! was difficult, expensive and time consuming and typically required a 3rd party add-on or integration. With recent versions, however, Act! Connect simplifies the ability to set-up integrations.

Act! Connect uses the API for Act! to connect with many different tools that are available through Zapier, making it possible to connect with over a thousand different programs.

Practical Pairs for Successful CRM Users

If you are a CRM (customer relationship management system) user, we want you to be as successful as possible. Here are some quick tips that come in pairs.

Activity Pairs
Whenever you enter an activity you’ve completed (phone call, email, face-to-face meeting), always remember to schedule the next task.