Validate your Email Address List

Validate your Email Address List

TopLine Results specializes in the digital marketing field. One of the most effective methods of reaching your prospect and customer base is to use the power of email marketing. Over the years, we have learned that the largest barrier to successful email marketing is a lack of good data, specifically a lack of good email addresses.

By law, you may only send mass emails to your current customer base and people who have specifically opted in to receiving your messages. For most companies, this isn’t a problem. They gather a list of all their customers and start emailing them. But the problem is that email addresses can quickly become old and no longer in service as the people behind those emails change companies or simply leave. This causes a problem because all digital marketing platforms (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Pardot, ClickDimensions, and HubSpot, for example) impose restrictions on the number of bad emails you can send. If you have a bounce rate over 10%, the digital marketing platform will suspend your account. That is no good; it works against your best efforts.

TopLine Results recognized this issue and developed a solution. We have developed an in-house tool that allows us to check a list of email addresses to determine their validity. Before any company starts sending emails, we strongly recommend they validate all their email addresses to identify bad ones and avoid high bounce rates. Our tool doesn’t just say whether an address is good or bad, it gives a more detailed, technical explanation as well. For example, our tool will, for each address, return specific information such as

  • 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected.
  • 250 2.1.5 Recipient OK
  • 452-4.2.2 The email account that you tried to reach is over quota.

This information allows you, with our assistance, to make better, more informed decisions about the quality of your addresses and avoid starting your journey with a suspended account.

Once the bad emails are removed, digital marketing may begin!

Let us help you validate your email marketing lists today! Especially with the need to rely more heavily on email marketing as events and tradeshows are suspended, you want everything else in your favor. Call 1-800-880-1960 or email so we can help!

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