A View from the TopLine

Designer for Web Update

There is an update available for TopLine Designer for APFW 2011.  If you are attempting to install Designer for Web with ACT! for Web 2011, please download the attached file and unzip it.  Take the unzipped files and copy them to your APFW folder (the one specified in IIS).  It will overwrite a bunch of existing files.

TopLine Dash 8.1.1

We have just released TopLine Dash 8.1.1.  We've added a great new feature to this release called Manual Query.  When creating a new dashboard, you can now select Manual Query from the Solution group and write your own OLEDB SQL statements!  The possibilities are endless with this new ability.

New TopLine Results WebSite!

Check out http://www.toplineresults.com to view our new web presence.  As CRM and development specialists, our web page is a reflection of our dedication and hard work throughout the years.  Thank you to everyone for making us number 1!

New Downloads page: http://www.

TopLine Dash on YouTube


View an overview of TopLine Dash on YouTube!  If you have suggestions for additional videos, please send your submissions to danb@toplineresults.com.

TopLine Designer 5.5

As always, we have introduced some updates to our addons to go along with the new version of ACT!.  The good news is that it's all compatible with previous version of ACT! as well! 

Unlike previous updates to TopLine Designer, you will want to make sure that if a single user updates to version 5.5 or higher that all of your users update.