Three Tips for Using Notes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Three Tips for Using Notes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Below are three quick things to consider when using Notes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Notes are available on both the Contact and Account level in CRM.

  1. Although Notes are available at both the Contact and at the Account level in Microsoft CRM, it is important to remember that notes entered at the Contact level do not natively appear at, or roll up to, the Account level. Keep this in mind when recording notes in CRM. If it is a note that applies to an entire account, you may want to record it at the Account level rather than on a specific contact. Or alternatively, record the information on the contact as an Activity, which does appear on the account.
  2. As a workaround to this ‘roll up’ issue, your database administrator can create an additional sub-entity in the Account view for tracking all notes entered at the Contact level for that Account. This Notes sub-entity essentially rolls up all contact notes for that account to the Account view, allowing you to view all notes in one location.
  3. One last consideration, the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide OneNote integration, a smart solution for effectively recording notes in CRM. Learn more in this helpful video from Microsoft:

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