Always Room for Improvement

Recently I worked with a client who has a “best in class” sales process. I was super impressed with the level of thought and detail that went into their process document. On paper, they include sales stages, steps within each stage, milestones for their customers, activities to be completed, team capabilities needed, and a success rate probability assigned to each stage.

Back to Basics

I just got back from a vacation, and I am rusty! After eight days of no professional activity, I am making simple mistakes and kicking myself for doing so. Ugh! As a seasoned professional, it is clear I need to get back to basics.

Scenario 1:

I was going through some notes on my desk and found a contact I needed to call.

Refreshing Change

Change – it’s all around us, just like water (at least in Wisconsin and Minnesota). When water stands still, like a pond, it eventually becomes stagnant. Lack of change can lead to a tired and stale environment. Running water like a stream, however, can be pure and clear.