CRM Views, Dashboards, and Reports: Time for Spring Cleaning!

CRM Views, Dashboards, and Reports: Time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung – even in Wisconsin! At this time of year, we often think of spring cleaning – in closets, drawers, the garage, or in the basement. This is a great time to do some spring cleaning at work, specifically in your CRM (customer relationship management) database.

Good data clean-up and maintenance is an ongoing need. So, once a year is generally not enough to keep a well-oiled CRM, but, hey, it’s better than never! We have several blogs that deal with the topic of cleaning CRM data:

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CRM Cleaning Suggestions

Spring is a great time to take a look at your list views, dashboards, and reports to see if they are still working for you.

As your business changes, so will the need for the data you view and analyze. A new sales contest may necessitate a new view for tracking progress. A newly initiated email campaign may require a dedicated dashboard, so you can see how well customers are engaged and how many of those leads turn into opportunities and deals won. A new commercial leader may have specific metrics he or she wishes to monitor. These may require updates to your list views, dashboards, and/or reports.

How We Can Help

Here at TopLine Results, we freely teach our clients how to create list views and dashboards on their own, but we are always here to help if they need assistance. Whether you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing, or Customer Service, Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, HubSpot Sales Hub, HubSpot Marketing Hub, or Act!, we can help.

We also highly encourage sales leaders and marketing leaders to use the views and dashboards in CRM to conduct weekly pipeline reviews, marketing updates, and business leadership sessions. The more the tools are used by senior leaders in your organization, the better employee engagement will be. You will increase the return on your investment when your CRM is integrated into the way you run your business!

If you want to integrate data from multiple sources, then Power BI might be your answer. This business intelligence tool not only aggregates data from multiple sources, but it also allows users to slice and dice data along many parameters. Power BI will be a big help if your CRM data needs to be combined with ERP or accounting data to give you the information you seek.

So, take a fresh look at your sales, marketing, and customer service processes and supporting tools. If they aren’t helping you view the data you need to take the necessary actions to meet your business objectives, you may benefit from our expertise. We are ready to help anytime – in spring or whenever. We love it when clients ask for help, because it means they are using the platform and increasing the value they glean from their investment. Reach out today: or 1-800-880-1960.

Happy spring!

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