ChatGPT & Your Business – Are Robots Taking Over?

ChatGPT & Your Business – Are Robots Taking Over?

AI, ChatGPT, and Bard are the new guys in town that everyone is trying to figure out what to do with and how it will affect their business. You have likely been using a subset of AI (i.e., machine learning) for some time. One of my favorite programs, Grammarly, is based on machine learning. Grammarly is also looking at how to expand their product using ChatGPT. AI is kind of the wild west for business right now. When clients ask me how they can utilize AI or a tool like ChatGPT, I give them the following things to consider.

Should AI write my content for me?

ChatGPT and other AI tools can be excellent content generation and research starters. You cannot know who they are sampling content from and if the content served is 100% unique to you. A good rule of thumb for content is always to make it 50% your own. When generating content from AI tools, ensure you edit and add your unique voice and perspective to the content generated. The other concern is knowing if you are sampling copyrighted content or images. Generally, you won’t know, and this requires extreme caution!

What security risks does AI pose?

If you don’t have a policy for how your team uses AI and what information they can put into AI, you should consider defining one. Several large corporations rolled back the use of AI due to employees inputting sensitive code and proprietary information into the tool. Samsung was recently in the news for employees inputting source code into the system. Now this code is available for ChatGPT to sample for other inquiries. Some corporations and even countries like Italy want to ban ChatGPT over security and data breach concerns.

Facebook recently notified users of malware that mimicked ChatGPT and other AI tools. Having approved AI tools that can be downloaded or used for work would be one step toward thwarting security risks.

What makes a thought leader?

Being dependent on another tool to generate all or most of your content takes away your voice as a thought leader. Who is the thought leader now if you were to use ChatGPT to write all your content without adding your take? How far away do you get from being the subject matter expert as you write less? How will that affect how you can speak on the topic if you no longer develop unique material? I’m currently returning for my MBA, and this is one of the hottest topics for debate.

AI is everywhere and can be a great time saver for your business. It is popping up in all the different programs I use, from Zoho Social to Grammarly. Proper safeguards can empower your business and employees to move quicker when generating content and problem-solving. If you’d like to discuss how your business can better use AI tools, contact us at or 800-880-1960.

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