How Do You Mitigate CRM Storage Overages?

How do you mitigate CRM Storage overages?

Do you have CRM database storage issues? Great! That means your team is using your CRM. They are engaging prospects and clients and have embraced the platform to record their activities and outcomes.

The bad news is that a large CRM database can have issues.

BREAKING NEWS – Act! activation issues: WHAT TO DO?

Are you an Act! user on an older version, specifically one developed from 2004 to 2015 (Act! 2005 to v17)? If so, you need to take immediate action to preserve your access to your Act! database. You will need to upgrade to a newer version of Act! or convert to another CRM. Otherwise you are at risk of losing access to your data on January 1, 2019!

Why is this happening?
You may or may not know this, but most software relies on third-party components to add functionality.

How to Inspire Your Sales Force to Adopt CRM!

This month I was asked to give an inspirational talk at a company that has been using CRM for the last few years. They migrated to Dynamics 365 from Dynamics CRM 2011 several months ago, and the objective of the speech was to re-engage the sales force with CRM. The hope was that managers and sales team members would use CRM in a more integrated way throughout their work day.