Top of the Line “Total Rewards” at TopLine Results Corporation

Top of the Line “Total Rewards” at TopLine Results Corporation

The term holistic can refer to many things but when referring to a company’s comprehensive list of benefits and perks, it is better known as the company’s “Total Rewards”. TopLine Results offers a unique Total Rewards package! Its holistic approach is indicative of how TopLine considers its employees when deciding on the perks and benefits offered. I have worked for TopLine Results for a year and a half and have experienced the benefits of the total rewards offered whether they were financial, lifestyle, or health-related!

Based on my experience, I can summarize the holistic approach to an employee’s health at TopLine in the following areas:

  1. Physical Health
    Whether it’s taking a short walk in the middle of the day or working at our standing desks, physical health is continuously considered. The flexibility and variety of ways to keep up our physical health while at work allows for more focus and ultimately greater impact on each of us as a person outside of work as well. It may not always sound like an exciting idea to go out for a walk in 20-degree weather, but it always feels good once you’re back!
  1. Mental Health
    Mental health is as much about the benefits provided to employees as it is about the level of care experienced by employees. Although I have not needed to take advantage of the mental health benefits provided through TopLine’s benefits package, I have been a major recipient of truly being known and cared for by everyone on the team. Flexibility, check-ins, and extra coverage while my son was in the hospital for a week is just one of the times a load was taken off my mind allowing me to care for what was needed at hand.
  1. Financial Health
    Let’s face it – everyone needs money to survive and hopefully thrive. Especially these days with prices continuing to rise! I have truly appreciated the time taken to work through personal and professional goals related to finances. This happens through real conversations, the generosity shown through ownership and leadership, and continuous investment in the here and now as well as down the road, such as retirement.
  1. Professional Health
    Finding a regular time to sit down to discuss professional development, career satisfaction, and growth does nothing without action following those conversations. TopLine has “heard” and taken action on my professional development as well as proactively suggesting the next steps in my professional career. Not only is it discussed and encouraged, but it is financially supported to back up the belief of being experts in our field.
  1. Familial Health
    Many companies tout work-life balance and that they want the best for you and your family. Still, TopLine takes this seriously. I have been the personal beneficiary of getting to take time with my family through PTO, involving my family in corporate events, and the flexibility it takes to have a family and hold down a full-time role. I know I can count on being there for important events in my son’s future and make even more memories as a family while doing that alongside a great team that is part of a great company.

If you are looking for a new company to call home and the total rewards package I have described above matches what you are looking for, reach out today for a brief conversation! We would love to talk with you. Join the TopLine team who believes in Relationship Driven Technology and that you are first and foremost, a person! Reach out to us at 1-800-880-1960 or email us at

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