Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

Never stop learning. The world is ever-evolving and changing – especially the business world.  Every day people are working toward creating new solutions, brainstorming strategies, building new companies, and making new inventions.  The marketing world alone is a different place than when I graduated college and it’s just going to keep evolving in the years to come.  It’s vital to acknowledge this constant advancement and grow with the business world. We need to grow as individuals and in the companies we work for.

My name is Leanne Mindin, and I am the digital marketing strategist at Topline Results. I’ve worked at Topline for a year and while many things brought me here, one of the biggest factors that attracted me was professional growth. Ongoing learning is important at TopLine Results – learning for the individual as well as team learning.

I’ve always believed that continuing education is the key to success in your professional career.  Before I started working at Topline, I sent myself back to school four times for continuing education programs to keep adding to the degrees that I received from UWM. It’s incredibly important to me that I have the opportunity to continue to grow as a person and within a company so that I can do the best I possibly can in my position.

When interviewing for my position, I was ecstatic to find out how important it was at Topline, as a company itself, to continue learning and evolving as individuals and within our positions.  Outside of their belief in continuing education and development, so many fundamental beliefs at TopLine directly correlated to the type of company I wanted to work for, that I couldn’t have been more excited when I was hired!  Finding a company that truly cares about their employee's personal and professional growth may be like finding a needle in a haystack, but they are out there, and TopLine Results is one of those companies!

Right off the bat, my individual development plan (IDP) included multiple learning opportunities.  While I went straight into working on digital marketing projects for Topline and our clients, there was always time put aside to learn.  Whether that be expanding my knowledge of software programs or getting certificates in different functionalities of certain programs, Topline appreciates that while society and the business world grow, their employees need to grow and learn as well.

The added bonus of working at Topline Results was knowing that while I had an additional education track laid out for me, if there was any other program I wanted to take or software I wanted to learn or certificate I wanted to obtain, I could connect with my superiors and work out a plan on achieving that objective as well.

Topline Results prides itself on being able to deliver the best services possible to our clients, and we do that by staying on top of our education and knowledge of the business world, and the new technologies and advancements that are being created every day.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, check out our careers page for our current open full-time positions and internships. If you would like to speak about an opportunity, call us at 800-880-1960.

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