9 Reasons to Integrate your Marketing Platform and Website with your CRM

9 Reasons to Integrate your Marketing Platform and Website with your CRM

If your CRM is not integrated with your website and marketing platform, you are missing out on a lot of benefits! Here are nine reasons to move forward with integration:

  1. Better Customer Experience
    When you integrate your CRM with your marketing platform and website, you provide your sales team with instant access to prospect engagement with marketing activities. These include email opens and clicks from your campaigns and website interactions. As a result, a salesperson can easily identify how a customer or prospect is engaging with your messaging. This gives a salesperson the ability to interact more intelligently with their prospective client.
  1. Increased Productivity
    CRM integration with your website boosts productivity by eliminating the need to manually add leads or contacts to the database. Your prospects who fill out a form will provide accurate and up-to-date information. Integration saves you and your staff from manual copying or importing data.
  1. Smarter Marketing Decisions
    Lead source is an important field in your CRM because it allows marketers to correlate their efforts with real sales data. Knowing where your leads originate is highly important to marketers. Many businesses struggle with knowing where to spend their marketing resources. The customer ultimately provides you with clues. Use lead source data to adjust your marketing investment accordingly. This will increase your overall effectiveness and drive more revenue.
  1. Deeper Profiling
    A key benefit of any CRM is the ability to profile customers or leads. Profiling your contacts helps marketers determine what they might purchase. A current profile of each interacting customer can be updated from the interests captured through the marketing platform and website interaction. With an integration these data can be viewable in CRM. The more data you have on your customers, the easier it is to create a more complete profile.
  1. Personalized Messaging
    Knowing what a customer is looking for helps you personalize your message. The challenge to any marketer is to provide the best customer experience through relevant content or offerings. CRM integration with a marketing platform provides the ability to analyze engagement and focus your communications.
  1. Upselling Visibility
    The best time to upsell a customer is when the customer is ready and may be looking on your website for additional information. A customer who is looking is more likely in buying mode. Timing for the upsell is critical. A CRM integration that provides insights into the prospect’s current activities helps salespeople connect effectively and sell faster.
  1. Faster Sales Engagement
    A shorter sales process starts by integrating website forms with your CRM. All the work happens in the CRM, making it easy and very efficient for the salesperson to follow up. The lead qualification process is accelerated and the response time for the salesperson can be faster. Sales and marketing automation helps not only to reduce the sales process but increases the probability to sell.
  1. Increased Consistency in Sales
    If you know your "secret sauce" to selling, you can share this. The "secret sauce" can often be formalized into a sales process that can be reinforced in CRM. Regular leads generation additions to CRM are important for a consistent first step. Other steps may involve assessing the need of the prospect or simply trying to identify if the customer is an ideal customer. All these steps can be part of a checklist. The marketer can initiate the qualification process with the information gathered when the prospect interacted with an email or engaged on your website.
  1. Lead Scoring
    In most marketing platforms it is possible to give a prospect a score based on their interaction with your touchoints. The score allows a salesperson or marketer to prioritize the importance of the leads. The more interactions of a certain type the higher the score and the more likely it is that the prospect is close to a decision to buy. When you integrate the CRM with your marketing platform you can sort your leads in dashboards using lead scoring. This helps the salesperson to identify and focus on the best leads first.

Integrating CRM and a marketing platform has many benefits. The integration must be carefully planned and detailed to be successful. Alignment between your marketing efforts and sales efforts can generate great revenues for a company. If you need help to start this conversation, please contact us at TopLine Results. Our mission is to use technology to solve sales, marketing, and operational problems. We are relentless about helping our clients achieve their goals by bringing together the right tools for building valuable relationships.

Contact us at 800-880-1960 or email info@toplineresults.com.

Readiness to move forward can be assessed in the following blog by Jennifer Scheidegger: https://www.toplineresults.com/2022/04/is-your-marketing-database-ready-for-integration/

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