5 Things I Found at TopLine

5 Things I Found at TopLine

TopLine Results Corporation is a small, family-owned business that recently won the Waukesha County Small Business of the Year award at their 2022 annual meeting. We are a technology consulting company that helps our clients identify and implement the tools they need to build valuable relationships à that is, CRM systems and digital marketing automation platforms. I am proud to be an employee and an owner of TopLine, together with my life partner, Fred Varin.

I have been an owner since our founding in 1999, but I only started working at the company in 2017. After a long multi-national career in several Fortune 100+ companies, I took a detour and tried working at a start-up and then a non-profit. After those experiences, I decided I wanted to work at TopLine Results and bring my expertise to our clients. Here are five things I found:

  • TopLine Results serves a wide range of clients. Every day is different. Every opportunity is unique. The variety is great, and I thrive on that. I never get bored.
  • TopLine Results is evolving. We continually evaluate what we do and which platforms we support. We explore and add new technologies as markets change. We get to keep learning and growing. I enjoy that challenge!
  • TopLine Results offers flexibility. We have core hours for everyone, but each individual can choose if they want to start early or late and end their workday early or late. We also have some employees, like me, who work from home and only go into the office as needed. Before COVID arrived, we were already well-positioned for a remote workforce.
  • TopLine Results engages team members in strategic decisions. Every year we poll team members for their ideas on what we should improve. Several ideas have surfaced that make TopLine a great place to work. One of those ideas was giving employees a half day of vacation on their birthday. We also have quarterly strategy meetings in which a significant portion of the team participates.
  • TopLine Results team members care about each other. We enjoy each other’s company and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. We also celebrate personal milestones and achievements.

If you are looking for a new place to make a difference, please consider joining the TopLine team. Check out our careers page for open positions. Alternatively, email info@toplineresults.com or call 1-800-880-1960 to talk about a specific job opening.

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