Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Tool

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Tool

TopLine Results has been helping companies select digital marketing software for over ten years. From HubSpot to MailChimp, we’ve evaluated a wide range of software to help their businesses better communicate with customers and prospects. However, the most common problem we see our customers face when selecting the right tools for their job, is that they are just not sure where to start or what their needs truly are. When selecting a digital marketing tool there are certain questions you should ask internally first.

Here are the top three questions we ask and why:

  1. What marketing metrics and reports do we need to show?

When you select a digital marketing tool, you will need to understand how you can use it to show value.  Digital marketing tools analyze campaign activities through reports and metrics to demonstrate worth.  Do you need to show lead conversion, digital ad spending, last-touch attribution? By defining your reporting objectives, you not only narrow down which tools have the capability you need but also set yourself up for success when you configure the system for your reporting needs.

  1. What is the quality of my data?

Digital marketing tools have a funny way of exposing all the issues with your data. Duplicates, missing data, bad email addresses . . . they all become known when you start to use a digital marketing tool. Before you select a tool, assess your data to determine if you need a tool or service that has some data quality checks built in.

  1. What is my team’s skill level?

To get your true value out of a digital marketing tool, it needs to be built to your team’s skill level. If you are not consistently sending out email marketing messages, a tool that also includes website integration and automation might be too heavy of a load for your team to bear. It’s vital to assess your team’s current skill level and their ability to learn so you can prioritize features of a tool that will help your team get the most value from the digital marketing platform.

There are even more questions you should ask internally and to vendors to ensure you pick the right digital marketing solution for your team. There is never a “one size fits all” solution to marketing. If you are interested in learning more about the right questions to ask, contact our marketing team at TopLine Results at or call 800-880-1960.

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