Troubleshooting Email Deliverability for Zoho Campaigns, Constant Contact, and MailChimp

Troubleshooting Email Deliverability for Zoho Campaigns, Constant Contact, and MailChimp

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to communicate with your customers and prospects. Sometimes TopLine Results is contacted by clients when they believe their email messages are no longer getting to the appropriate inboxes. Emails may be getting sent to junk folders or not getting through at all. There are several things we check when assessing our customers’ email deliverability. You can use these tips, as well, whether you use Zoho Campaigns, Constant Contact, or MailChimp.

Check Your Bounce Rate
One of the first places we look is your email bounce rate. This is a key indicator of the health of your mailing list. If you have a bounce rate over 10%, that shows your email list is not healthy. You likely have invalid or old email addresses that need to be cleaned from your list. If you are unsure of your list quality, contact us to discuss having your email list validated.

Check Your Subject Line and Sender
Might your subject line or sender be considered spam? If you are using special characters or money language in your subject lines you should consider adjusting them for spam traps. Money language includes phrases such as, “Win $500 dollars today!” or other promises of immediate monetary gain.

People open an email from someone they know or trust. If your email is not getting opened, consider switching the sender from a generic email address to their account manager’s email address.

Verify You Are Not on An Email Blacklist
If you have had years of email sending problems it might be time to check if your email domain has been blacklisted. Several free sites will allow you to test your domain or IP address to see if you have been blacklisted.

Test Your Email Provider
If you recently switched from one email provider to another and are experiencing a sudden drop off in email opens or clicks, ensure you have your email settings configured properly and send at least 3-4 email blasts. If you still are experiencing an open drop off, we recommend running an A/B test between providers with the same email list. This will allow you to troubleshoot specific issues with your email and/or provider.

If you still need help getting your open rate to the level you desire or assistance evaluating alternative email providers, contact us. We are here to help you increase open and click-thru rates. We want to ensure your message is getting to your customers and prospects as intended.

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