Undoing Past Mistakes: Recovering Deleted Records in Zoho CRM

Undoing Past Mistakes: Recovering Deleted Records in Zoho CRM

No one is perfect, and that certainly holds true when it comes to data management. Everyone deletes something that they wish they had not. It may have been a simple mis-click, but that critical record is gone now, and you need it back ASAP! Luckily, Zoho CRM takes our clumsy human nature into account and has given us a safety net we can rely on to keep our data from being accidently deleted: a Recycle Bin.

Yes, unlike some other CRM programs, Zoho will store deleted records in the recycle bin for 60 days before permanently deleting them. Zoho allows users to view records that have been deleted, as well as allow them to pick and choose the records they want to recover from the Recycle Bin. The user may then restore them back to the CRM Database.

Accessing the Recycle Bin

The Zoho Recycle Bin is in the Settings section of Zoho CRM, and all users should have access to the Recycle Bin. To access the Zoho Recycle Bin:

  • Click on the “Settings” icon in the Navigation Ribbon to access the Settings page.

  • Under the “Data Administration” section, click on the “Recycle Bin” item.

From the Recycle Bin Menu, you can see items that were recently deleted and have a chance to restore those records. Again, Zoho will store deleted records in the recycle bin for 60 days before permanently deleting them. You can also view when a record was deleted and by whom. By including this information, Zoho makes it easier to know who deleted the record so you can follow up with that user if you think the deletion was accidental.

Restoring Data:

Zoho always allows users to restore their own data, and some users can even restore other users’ data; this depends on their level of permissions and data access. Restoring data will add the record back to the database along with some related records that may have been deleted with the parent record. As an example, if an account is deleted, that account’s contacts, opportunities, notes, activities, emails, etc. will be removed along with the account and placed into the recycle bin. Individual items can also be recovered. However, if all items should be recovered, restoring the account will restore all the related records that were placed in the recycle bin along with it.

To restore a record from the Recycle Bin:

  • Identify the items you would like to recover from the Recycle Bin and select the checkbox next to the item title.

  • Click the “Restore” button at the top of the List. This will initiate the restoration process, which may take a few moments depending on the number of records you are restoring.

  • Review your CRM Data and confirm that the records have been properly restored.

Congratulations! You have now avoided catastrophe and rescued your data from imminent deletion. The Zoho Recycle Bin is a powerful tool for recovering deleted data. Every Zoho CRM user should keep this tool in mind when they find themselves in a bind.

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