Three Reasons to Integrate Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Three Reasons to Integrate Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Did you know TopLine Results can assist with integrating your Constant Contact email marketing account with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?  Combining these powerful tools helps you not only stay in contact with your clients, but also allows you to track your overall campaign success.  Below are our top three reasons to integrate Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM today.

1.     Manage lists in one place.  Harness Microsoft Dynamics CRM to segment your database into the perfect target markets to build your marketing lists.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing lists will then be uploaded to your Constant Contact account automatically.  You can then send emails directly to these lists.

2.     Hands-free database updates.   When a contact unsubscribes from your email blast, their record will automatically be updated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This will be indicated as Do not send marketing materials. 

3.     Automatic email-response scoring.  After your email campaign is sent out, campaign responses are generated automatically and assigned a score of interested, not interested, do not send marketing materials, or error.  This gives your sales team a quick lead list for immediate action. 

Contact TopLine Results to set up a demonstration of the integration and how it can help your marketing team.  Don’t have Constant Contact?  Download a trial today!

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