SymphonySync™ – More Than Just a CRM and Email Marketing Integration

SymphonySync™ – More Than Just a CRM and Email Marketing Integration

What Is SymphonySync™?

SymphonySync™ for Constant Contact is a tool for integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Sales Enterprise (CRM) with Constant Contact. It provides sales and marketing teams with automated data syncing that eliminates time-consuming manual data transfer and analysis.

SymphonySync™ for Constant Contact provides features standard to most CRM and digital marketing integrations, such as the ability to share segmented lead and contact lists from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Constant Contact for automated email list creation in Constant Contact. Also, you can sync email campaign interaction details from Constant Contact back to Dynamics CRM. SymphonySync™ enables you to use CRM data to create targeted, personalized email messaging. With our integration tool, CRM users in sales, marketing, and even service can understand how individual recipients interact with email campaigns. Additionally, you can understand overall campaign performance by providing campaign response records linked to each lead, contact, and overall campaign record.

All this is to be expected, so no big deal, right? Not so fast!

The Why Behind SymphonySync™

In the ten-plus years our marketing consultants have been implementing CRM and email marketing integrations, we have consistently found that this is where all integrations stop. Time after time, every integration service we encounter falls short in providing data in a manner that is accessible, meaningful, and useful for analysis, reporting, and decision-making. Too often, we see integrations that don't include the correct data to build insights and still require manual intervention.

So, we built SymphonySync™. Core to SymphonySync™ is that email interaction data is stored and presented in Dynamics in a user-friendly way that makes it easy for both sales and marketing teams to query and understand. Our digital marketing expertise, combined with extensive skills of our Dynamics CRM technical consultants, allowed us to uniquely build SymphonySync™ to unlock the full power of your email marketing data.

To help get you started, SymphonySync™ for Constant Contact comes with several out-of-the-box dashboards, charts, and many list views that summarize email campaign interactions. Marketing and sales executives can instantly pull up overviews of email campaign performance, and sales teams can immediately understand how leads and customers engage with emails.

Executive- Level Campaign Interaction Overview:

SymphonySync Campaign Reporting

Individual Campaign Response Details:

SymphonySync Campaign Details

The screenshots above are just a few examples of the out-of-the-box views and dashboards included with SymphonySync™. In addition to these, the data may be queried using Dynamics CRM advanced find, so you can build your own views, charts, and dashboards to answer specific questions and strengthen your marketing and sales strategies. Further, because the data fully integrates into Dynamics CRM, it's possible to use email response data in workflows and automations, such as triggering a sales notification on a specific email interaction. The data may also be incorporated into other reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

We'd love to help you discover how our integration can help you drive more ROI with less work! We offer a free 60-day trial that includes all features and complementary setup and training. To schedule a trial, contact us at or call 800-880-1960.

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