On-Premise Dynamics CRM versus Online

On-Premise Dynamics CRM versus Online

A Case for On-Premise Dynamics CRM versus Online: What is better for your company? 

Since 2007, TopLine Results has been dedicated to supporting Dynamics CRM. Back then, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales online was not available yet. So, in 2011, we recognized the need for this option and began offering it to our customers. We noticed many companies were reluctant to take on the challenges of managing hardware and software for implementation. Since the launch of our private cloud solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, dozens of companies and hundreds of users have greatly benefited from our fully comprehensive hosting services.

As we progressed, our services naturally evolved, and we extended Microsoft Azure in our infrastructure to enhance our private cloud option.

Here are the numerous advantages that hosting Dynamics D365 for Sales in our private cloud provides: 

  1. Fast, reliable, and advanced technical support from the TopLine Results team to resolve ongoing requests.
  2. Faster software response times within our private cloud compared to Microsoft Dynamics 365 online.
  3. Full SQL back-up is available to our customers upon request, a feature not offered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 online.
  4. Free storage, which is especially advantageous for companies with large databases exceeding 10 GB. This translates to significant savings in data storage costs. (For instance, an increment of 50GB in database size would cost online customers $6,000 annually!)
  5. Flexible upgrade timing, which can be conveniently scheduled to avoid disruption, allowing for advanced planning, adjustments, and training.
  6. Seamless communication of SSRS reports via email automation.
  7. Licensing and user activation management, which are included within our service.

Below is an extended comparative grid outlining the differences between Microsoft D365 online and on-premise (private hosting) features.

Dynamics 365 CRM on-premise vs online comparison chart

If you'd like to review your options with us, please call TopLine Results Corporation at 800-880-1960 or email us at info@toplineresults.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fred Varin
President & CEO

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