Zoho Social Hashtag Groups – The Timesaver You May Be Missing

Zoho Social Hashtag Groups – The Timesaver You May Be Missing

Zoho Social is elevating its platform! With multiple functions that help you become a social media master, there’s one function you may have overlooked that can help you save time! What’s the function you ask? Well, hashtag groups, of course! However, before we dive into how amazing this tool is, let's backtrack to what a hashtag is.

Hashtags - What Are They?

Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by the hash sign (#) that works as a search function on social media platforms. For example, if you use the hashtag #digitalmarketing, your post will connect to that specific topic, giving others who are searching for that word/phrase the ability to find your content. It can be a little confusing, but the way this works is by using the hash symbol, that word/phrase gets hyperlinked to that hashtag. Therefore, if someone clicks it or is searching on that hashtag, all the posts linked to that word/phrase will show up for them to look through. To summarize, hashtags help users find your content by hyperlinking descriptive words or phrases in your post.

Therefore, you can see how important hashtags are for digital growth and connecting to your target audience. However, there are millions of combinations, phrases, and words to choose from, and depending on what you are posting, you may need a different set of hashtags for your posts. That’s where hashtag groups come in!

Zoho Social gives you the ability to take your hashtag research and save it in the system to use at the click of a button, saving you time! How, you ask? Let’s break it down!

Custom Messaging - Why is it Important?

One of the fundamental truths about digital marketing is that every message is not for everyone! That’s why at TopLine Results, we stress the importance of segmenting your audience and creating custom messaging. Just take a moment to process what we’re saying. In a perfect world, all content would resonate with everyone, but that is simply not the case. Would you send a new custom discount code to your clients who have worked with you for years? Of course not. That message should go to your hot leads who may need a little push to work with you. Or would you send an invitation to an onsite discussion course to individuals who live out of state? I mean you could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Just like your digital marketing messaging is meant for different areas of your target audiences, so is your hashtag strategy.

Hashtag Groups - How to Use Them?

If you’re posting about community engagement, new positions open for hiring, or the launch of a new product, the hashtags you incorporate will all be different, and keeping track of all those different hashtags can be a lot of work – but not if you use Zoho Social! Hashtag groups give you the ability to create an entire group for a specific topic, save all those hashtags, and use that group whenever you post about that specific topic.

For example, you can create a new product launch group. In that group, you will save all the hashtags you’ve researched that would connect with the target audience about new products. You’ll name the group “New Product Launch” and once you hit save – bam – it’s there for future use. Saving you the time of having to type all the hashtags in individually each time you post about that topic, now you simply select the created hashtag group, and it will populate into your caption.

How TopLine Can Help?

Hashtags are an important part of social media marketing, and Zoho Social gives you the ability to save time and properly utilize your hashtag strategy. The groups you create can all be customized to your target audience segmentation strategy. All the same, if hashtags and hashtag groups are something that you need assistance with creating and implementing, don’t worry – TopLine Results can help you navigate this space.

With the help of our marketing tools, we can do keyword research for you on your website and your industry to help select the best hashtags to implement for your social media marketing strategy. Once those hashtags are selected through proven metrics and reports, we can train you on building your specific hashtag groups to help you save time on executing your social media plan.

For more information about our digital marketing packages, contact us at 1-800-880-1960 or info@toplineresults.com.

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