Scaling the CRM and Digital Marketing Software Licensing Boulder

Scaling the CRM and Digital Marketing Software Licensing Boulder

Often, when looking into new CRM software, or any software for your business, understanding your software licensing options and details can be daunting. The amount of work that goes into selecting appropriate licenses can be quite time-consuming and challenging. License procurement and management can have a large impact on your organization’s financials, productivity, efficiency, and time commitments. Working with an experienced consulting firm can provide you with immense guidance, connections, and peace of mind.

What should be considered when going through the process of choosing new software and procuring and managing licensing? Look at a few suggestions below!

Vendor Selection

Software vendors have different licensing models and commitment terms, which can require painstaking research to sift through and understand. How much do these details matter when choosing a software vendor? It can mean the difference of thousands of dollars, potential scalability issues as your business grows, and scattered technology or, on the other hand, a technology stack with easy integration and room for growth. If chosen correctly, your new software platform can enable your business to accomplish its goals seamlessly. Please note: If you are not certain about your selection, pay close attention to commitment terms that lock you into an agreement that may be longer than you want – especially if you decide the software is not meeting your expectations.


As mentioned above, the small print and inconspicuous information about subscription constraints can result in dollars that add up quickly. In the world of technology, things are always changing, including licensing costs and inclusions/exclusions. There are many different scenarios where overall licensing costs can change right under your nose, which is another incentive to work with an experienced consulting firm who keeps close tabs on pricing updates for you. For example, Microsoft recently moved to a new licensing model that requires close attention to renewal dates, upgrades/downgrades, and cost premiums for subscription flexibility.


With economic uncertainty in the headlines, organizations are looking at efficiencies to increase profit and cut costs. Ensuring the right people in your organization have the right type of licensing can ultimately determine whether they work productively or not. There are also differences between license restrictions and user security roles. Purchasing the right licensing and assigning appropriate user permissions will enable your business to run cost-effectively and efficiently.


There can be many nuances when it comes to staying in compliance with the licensing you purchase. Even if you are making your best effort to stay compliant, there can be areas that are missed. An experienced consultant can help you procure the correct software licenses that allow your team to accomplish what is needed, improve workflow and efficiency, and ensure compliance. This may help you avoid future fees and wasted time On software audits.

Since 1999, TopLine has been specializing in CRM and digital marketing platforms. Most software is constantly being updated, resulting in a large span of licensing changes. We continue to adapt to software vendors such as Microsoft, HubSpot, Zoho, ClickDimensions, Constant Contact, and others – staying in touch with changes in features and subscription models.

TopLine Results can assist in purchasing and managing licensing on your behalf. Also, we will help you stay on top of recommendations and best practices on the information mentioned in this article. Take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation with a CRM or marketing consultant on the TopLine team. Explore how we can help with your CRM or digital marketing needs and guide you in your software licensing journey. Call 1-800-880-1960 or email to get started!

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