Level-Up Your Email Marketing with Email Templates

Level-Up Your Email Marketing with Email Templates

Email templates have become a staple for digital marketing. While lots of people know that you need to have a branded look for scheduled content such as events and newsletters, not everyone knows that you should have email templates for all your communications with customers/your audience. Whether it’s for mass emails or individual email sends, email templates are here to make your life easier.

Why should you level up your email marketing to include email templates?


While some people assume all email templates have to be simple, straightforward, and generic so they can be sent to lots of people, that’s not true. Email templates have the functionality of using merge fields that let you pull in information from your CRM or contact list to automatically populate your email template. Include a client's name, company, or job title at the click of a button!

Resemble your brand

You always want to make sure whoever you are emailing knows who you are. You don’t want to create any confusion or miscommunications by your target audience or contact not knowing who is reaching out to them. Without clear branding, your emails may get ignored or deleted.

Consistent messaging

When you have everyone writing their content, the message can get distorted. While there may be similar information, it’s not the same. You want to make sure everyone in your company is communicating your messaging in a consistent way.


These days it’s not as complicated to create or use an email template as many assume. With the advances in CRM, you may not know just how easy it is to create custom email templates. With many email marketing CRMs including drag-and-drop features, creating a clean, consistent, branded look is easier than ever!


Many companies are emailing their audience frequently about billing information, support issues, or important updates. Who wants to spend time writing the same email over and over and over again? Outside of being time-consuming, it lends itself to mistakes. Email templates give you the ability to prioritize the projects that are the most important to the company while using email templates to effectively communicate quickly and efficiently.

Not sure where to start with email templates? Don’t worry, TopLine Results is here to help! We have years of experience in multiple email marketing tools, and we’re more than happy to work with you to create all the email templates your company needs. For more information about our digital marketing packages, contact us at 1-800-880-1960 or info@toplineresults.com

How to level up your email marketing.

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