Helpful Tips on Removing Fields in CRM

Helpful Tips on Removing Fields in CRM

As your company’s needs shift, it is important to update fields and forms to keep your CRM relevant. You could swap out fields and forms, update new ones, modify them with different options and drop downs, or delete them when they are no longer needed. However, the most efficient option is to use zz in the field name.  

Here are 2 Different Options to Remove Fields in CRM 

Delete the Field:

Deleting the field when it is no longer needed will prevent it from being used again. However, it will also remove any historical data associated with the field and affect any part of the system that depends on the field, leaving breaks in parts of the form. For example, if an automation is set up on a field that is removed, the automation will no longer work, display errors, or report negative results. 

Modify the Field:

Modifying the field will keep the field when it is no longer needed but will place it in a deactivated state. To modify the field, remove it from all its associated forms and add zz or any other notation to the front of the field name to denote that it is no longer being used. Another example of a notation commonly used is do not use. Modifying the field will prevent it from being used or altered but will keep any historical data and system dependencies working. At any time, you will be able to access or reutilize the field and pull any associated data. 

Another area to use zz is in your CRM dropdowns. For example, instead of removing a product from a simple product list, zz could precede the name, therefore moving it to the bottom of an alphabetically sorted list. This simple modification would prevent any associated historical data, opportunities, or quotes from being removed along with the product.   

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