How Technology Consultants Can Save you Money in Uncertain Economic times

How Technology Consultants Can Save you Money in Uncertain Economic times

Consultants can often be viewed as a luxury, especially in economic slowdowns. It can be a quick decision to trim expenses for organizations who are looking for an easy area for savings. While this may be a common sentiment, it overlooks many of the ways that keeping your consultant can be a money saver, a time saver, and a means for extra overhead flexibility.

Wondering how technology consultants can accomplish the things mentioned above without draining your bank account? Take a look at three simple reasons below highlighting the benefits of consultants in economic slowdowns.

  1. Expertise = Time Savings

Often the reason for hiring a consultant is for their expertise in their field/product. When you embark on a partnership with your consulting firm, you gain access to multiple subject matter experts! Time spent googling an answer to a problem, watching YouTube “how to” videos, and working through trial and error, all take away from your job at hand and ultimately cost your company money (and quite possibly more money than hiring an expert).

Partnering with your technology consulting firm frees your team up to do what they do best and your consultant to do what they do best. TopLine holds and maintains many certifications for the products we service so we can bring the most up-to-date expertise to your team in a timely fashion.

  1. Workforce Flexibility

Staffing your organization has never been more difficult. Add in economic uncertainty and it becomes even harder to make decisions whether hiring full-time staff is the right move or not! It is a costly decision to hire and a difficult decision to let go of employees. Much like companies using a contingent workforce to ease the cost of a full-time employee, your technology consulting partnership allows you the flexibility to scale your use of their services much easier than having to hire/fire internal staff members.

Take some worry off your plate knowing that you can continue to pursue your business goals with your consultant in good times and tight times. TopLine offers many flexible payment options and unique service plans to ensure we can offer consistency of a long-term partnership with a team who knows your business and can move forward instead of running in place.

  1. Improvements and Efficiencies

Tough economic times often call for a review of people and processes as a cost savings measure. Your technology consultant is there to look at your business processes to eliminate waste and introduce automations so adjusting your headcount can be your last resort! TopLine often works with customers to streamline their CRM software or digital marketing strategies to eliminate manual processes and allow for automations that free up employees to stop spinning their wheels and do work that moves the company forward.

This pays dividends in tough economic times while also benefiting the organization in good times as well. Take your business to the next level by looking at the big picture and improving your technology processes, putting more time and money back in the bank.

As a recent recipient of the Waukesha County 2022 Small Business of the Year award, we look to empower our customers in good times and bad to achieve their goals by learning their business and providing measurable value and results as their technology consulting partner of choice. Reach out to TopLine Results today at for your free consultation on how we can put time and money back into your business through relationship-driven technology!

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